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I found this yesterday and, after downloading and playing the demo, I couldn't help myself from buying Ran's route and then Bahadur's almost immediately after.  The background artwork is gorgeous, as are the characters themselves.  I love how they're also really different both in appearance and personality-wise.  The plot was solid, and the romantic progression felt natural.  The music suited each situation perfectly and was beautiful in and of itself.  The individual plots perfectly reflected the same reality, and I was really happy to find the truth behind the Shah's murder in Bahadur's route.  

I would have loved to have more save slots, since I'm the kind of player who likes to save after every choice just in case.  The auto save button didn't work either, at least on Ran's version.  I was also a bit dissapointed since the demo mentioned something about a gallery in the purchased version, but there wasn't one that I could tell.  

Overall, though, the pros definetly outweighed the cons.  This was an awesome play, and I am definitely going to be playing again.  Would reccommend!  9.5/10

I had a great time playing this game!  It's easily one of my favourites.  The art is great, the music is beautiful, and although I was really frustrated by the Heroine's attitude at first, the story actually gave her background and made her not only understandable but also relatable, which is really hard to find in otome games.  The love interests were also all intriguing in their own ways.  My only complaint would be the long closing sequence that plays after every ending.  I don't mind watching it once, since it provides the names of the talents behind this great game, but it became a little irritating after having seen it about 4 or 5 times.  That didn't however, take away from the rest of the game.  10/10 would play again and would recommend.