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One of my sneets was...

"feet are okay sometimes"

Which was made even better by the fact my handle was @licoricefeet which I decided to read as Lick-o-Feet, the whole time.

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"This only happened because I've never known the epic highs and lows of high school [sneet].", this reference genuinely made me chuckle.

I will never forget the post that basically ended my career... potatoes were... a mistake... h... how could I be so, foolish to make such a controversial post?!

You're a genius.

The song "wish" is my favorite, especially the visuals used to portray the song here, it's just a dark void with a purple mist covering the floor then, suddenly boom shooting stars! The song sounds like whatever the wish is, is against what the person wants, and rather for the greater good... so, what I'm trying to say is it has a "I don't want to do this but, I have to-" feeling. It's sort of hard to describe to be honest because on the other hand it also, sounds like a villain has just made a wish but, it's either really sad or, makes you pity them or, their circumstances, haha... needless to say I really like it.

Also, "battle 2" is some nice upbeat fight music to jam to( also, also... cute cat).

Didn't think this would be that interesting after all, it's just a jigsaw game but, it's surprisingly super relaxing and, I really liked it actually!

Loved the game but, some things felt like they should've been marked better... for example to get five stars, I genuinely couldn't tell what to do and, the most iconic issue being the clock puzzle due to not being directly told how to get the hints for solving however once I figured out how to do it, the puzzle was rather interesting and, fun to do... also, I noticed a typo "-there's too work much left to..." instead of "-there's too much work left to..." but, yeah as I said I really loved the game.

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I'm absolutely loving the program, here's my first(/a test) doodle in it when I was messing around.

However, I want to address some issues I had with it...

Can you make an option removing the cursor details..? I do like the colorful cursor and, the spinning parts it has I do but, after a while, it gets really hard for me to focus on the cursor itself and, the colorful nature of it makes it hard to see... I don't care if the cursor is black or, grey, I just can't see it personally and, in general it really hurts my eyes now, I'm aware this is a bit of a nit pick but, I just had to bring it up.

Also, do you think you'll add a fill tool? I'm aware of the undo(/redo) button is a feature people want as well but, I'm personally curious of a fill tool( now to be honest I'm not sure if Flipnote even had a fill tool in the first place so, this also might be a nit pick).