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boots, though

this is awesome can u add multiplayer

This is awesome, nice work! The audio and SFX add a lot, and stating the max possible points basically guaranteed I'd retry until I perfected it <3

Thanks so much :)

This is really helpful feedback, I'll fix both those things. Thank you! :)

I'm using this for my little platformer here:

The assets are great! Thank you :)

These tracks are great! I'm planning to use them in my game - I'll make sure to credit you when I do.

Just curious, what software did you use to compose these? I'd like to learn a little composing and this is the exact sound I wanna be able to play around with.

Thanks very much! Yeah audio is on the list; I always leave it too late haha.

Thanks Ben! <3

Nice one! Took a second to figure out the mechanic but it was pretty fun once I did. Also like, legit scary. The graphic on the monster's eyes in the dark is really creepy. Not 100% sure how close to the theme it is, but my game completely ignored that so I can't really talk haha.

Nice idea! Glad I've been playing so much SMM2 lately for practice hehe. Good job :D

Hello again xdan! Thanks for coming back and giving our game a try. Really appreciate it :) :)

Aw thank you so much!

This was lovely (and maybe a bit sad <3)

Thanks so much for the detailed response! Your comment on the indicator during falling made me think "I wonder what it would play like if we switched off his light as he fell - but then everything would just vanish everytime he was midair". Then I saw what your jam entry is. Now I gotta play it once I finish work XD

This is some real nice production quality! The game is very complete and has lot's of juice like voice acting and transitions. I like the idea of shooting not being an option, so you have to outsmart the enemies rather than just turn into an action hero when they spot you. Nice work!

Thank you! And happy to, done :)

I got 92. Is that good? :D

This is a nice one! The mechanic kind of pushed the idea of a frantic zombie apocalypse experience where you aren't an action hero, so you have to stop and fumble with your gun in order to shoot at the zombie chasing you. A nice exaple of a mechanic conveying a feeling.

Also I liked the humor at the start - the only thing was interacting with a text interface while still having control over the character took a second to understand.

Still though, a really solid entry, well done! :)

Yeah we had the same issue, got the engine up and running then only had a couple hours to get our levels in. Wish we had more time! :)

(1 edit)

DESIGN: The idea is quite interesting. I've always wondered about the idea of making a game out of conversation - because there are in many ways strategies that are used, especially in arguments, to compete for social standing/credibility. This was a pretty good execution of that, although in my quick playthrough it was hard to know exactly why each selection was causing the moods to react the way they did.

THEME: I really think a wiser choice could have been made for the theme put on top of this design. I see in other comments that you say the sexist stereotypes were intentional, but it's not clear from the game itself whether this is satire, or whether this is how the creators view the world. Besides the stereotypes, the name and main gif strongly (but I think inaccurately) suggest a game about violent domestic abuse. It's totally fine to have this in games, but it should be a purposeful and careful decision, in my opinion. I think in this case it's just a misleading image, but worth noting as it may put potential clickers off :)

Nice one! This would be amazing as a level in a tactics game; the lack of ability to fight back adds a strong feeling of vulnerability to the levels, which is really compelling. Well done :)

Really interesting twist on the fighting genre. I found the idea engaging but a little hard to execute combos, I think I need to play it a little longer :)

Nice concept, and really cute art! Rocket jumping is already recognisable to most people, so this is really quick to pick up and pleasantly challenging. Nice work! :)

This is a nice one! Very tight visuals and a clever idea. Only comment is that the difficulty could escalate a bit. Once you figure out the controls it feels like you can just survive forever. Still, really well done! :)

Lovely game aesthetically. I don't really get clickers so it felt hard to know what  changed by removing the clicks, but still very solid. Well done! :)

Sorry friend. I'd love to see this game in action though!

I like this one. I couldn't figure out how to purchase items in the shop menu, but the simplicity of the main game was quite nice. Just wish I figured out how to unlock some stuff. Well done! :)

How in the world did you do this in two days. It's perfect, exactly on theme, good pixel art, audio and juice. Amazing. Well done!

Nice one! Such a simple change has such a big effect - I think this really gets at the theme :)

Nice idea! Would love to see some more levels with some obstacles and puzzles :)

Awesome game! Very tight and polished, especially for a jam game, and I love having to rethink the idea of jumping and plan ahead. Well done! :)

Hey! Just checking, did you tick the Windows option on the game description? The app thinks it's not available on WIndows, so doesnt give me a handy play link. Just FYI as it caught me out earlier :)

I really like this one! It felt responsive and fun, and the feedback of having to push the other sumo uphill to win is a really clever balancing tactic :)

Haha really interesting that removing randomness makes it feel so different. Learning about the level from previous runs was refreshing. Very nice art and audio too, well done! :)

Incredible game. The mechanic is bang on theme and very challenging. Somehow you did so much atmospherically with it, well done :)

Thanks Ben! <3

For the GMTK 2018 Jam's theme of genre without mechanic, please take a look at our platformer without moving or jumping!

ART: Angelo @_t3nshi

CODE: Aidan @itsjustaidan

AUDIO: Leandro @sakana_cookies