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Awesome, I would love to play the new mode if you decide to make it.

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Great game, this would be more fun if there was a multiplayer or co op split screen option where its mario and luigi  running and hiding from peach with a possible revive feature if one gets knocked down

Great game

Great game

Great game, the sound effects were amazing as well lol, I would definitely play another game like this or a game based on another character.

Great game tbh, I like how ive found so many good games to play here on 

Ok, I couldnt figure it out so ill just wait for the walkthrough i guess

Did you figure out how to install it and make it work? I installed it, but idk where to put the file at.

Great game tbh

I liked this game, I hope you make more like it.

Pretty good game, I liked the scary vibe from it. Hope you make more games like this.

Alright, thank you

How do I get junes new night scene?All her stats are high numbers and the walkthrough in game doesnt show how to get it

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Im really liking games from this developer, these past 2 games remind me of harem animes that I like, like highschool dxd, trinity seven, testament of sister new devil and others. The story telling in these two games are amazing, if they were an actual anime or manga I would for sure watch/read, but  I think playing it as a game like this with the high quality renders is much better. The one thing I wish these games had though was more sound effects or especially voice acting like moaning during the "special scenes" having that plus the already added motions would be perfect. Once I get a more stable job again I will for sure support on patreon, maybe eventually you could have them added, but besides that I'm looking forward to seeing what else this story brings. Also I was wondering, will there be a gallery added for the scenes? I didn't see one when playing.

I liked this game, recommended to my friends.

These graphics and this game are very good. If there were sound effects or voices during the sex scenes this would be perfect.

I have a question about the feelings with characters. Do you want your respect to be in the negatives or the positives? Because positive 100 respect says broken and that doesnt sound good. Or is it? Also can you add a way to see the stats for characters that aren't in your phone.

This game reminds me of a fear I had as a kid. Overall good game tho, would like more short games like these.