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It was intentional - my thinking being it should be a little slower paced and you pick your engagements carefully. In retrospect though, I think the basic movement should just be fun. No point having the thing you do most be super frustrating. Thanks for the feedback!!

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Thanks for the review! Out of curiosity, how would you prefer the control scheme?

The telekinetic power is really cool! Simple but effective idea. Well done!

Thanks man! The enemies tend to cluster towards the center of the map in a big grind fest - I think we'll make them spawn more evenly in future builds 

Thanks a ton!

Thanks! Yeah we need to do some serious optimisation when big fights break out haha. I think the excess of particle effects is the main culprit

Thanks dude! Duck did an amazing job on the song :) Here's his soundcloud:

Thanks!! We're working on multiplayer now!

Duuude this is a super creative control scheme! Very difficult but very rewarding. The art and music suits it perfectly, great job!

Hoooly fuck that black stuff scared the shit out of me. This plays super well, and you manage to get a lot with such simple graphics. One thing I would have really preferred would be for the character to automatically jump if you're holding down space when it lands, rather than having to time you spacebar presses. 

Also damn, I don't envy you taking on this task of making a game every two weeks. Keep it up!

Wow... a fully hand animated game for a game jam, you absolute maniac. This kicks ASS. Movement and shooting feels good, the intro sequence draws you in, and there's even a boss fight. One of my favourite games from the jam, WELL DONE!!

The art is fantastic! You have a talent for character design. Also, I must have the highest high score for this game ;)

Damn you guys, I had no idea what a floating island dessert was until playing this, then I had to look it up. Now I really want one...

I love this putty style to the drawings, it's a very unique look. I couldn't figure out if there was anything to do with the ingredients though.

WOW man this is a BEAUTIFUL model of an island. I love the way the character walks and slips over hahaha

Obviously the controls and gameplay could use a lot of work. It'd be fun if you got moving around and kicking chickens feeling really fluid so you could run around punting them off the edge.

You're a great modeller! Should work with a dedicated programmer for your next jam and you'll definitely make something sick!

DAMN it knew I forgot something

Thanks for the feedback! I think it needs a middle ground so you don't lose the creative expression of building your ship. Maybe you can scoop up a bunch of gibs quickly, then you can just click to place them instead of dragging each one individually. And yeah, we ran out of time to add the big boss monster at the end (the guy in the lava) :(

I should add an option for that! I guess you'd rotate by moving the mouse?

Thanks for the great feedback! Although it's not my strong suit, I'd love to try to get some multiplayer working in the future.

The game is definitely difficult to read and very fiddly, so quality of life improvements are high priority.  We originally had it as 4 directional placement but it really reduced the creativity of the ships you could make. I think with some building improvements and a bit of camera zoom while stationary it could work just fine.

Again, thanks for the super kind words!

Ah man, such kind words! I'll definitely have to have a crack at multiplayer, it'd be tons of fun.

And damn, missed that bug - thanks!

Wow this game has some great elements! The spirit switching and shape changing mechanics could be really interesting, and also I love the idea of a character with an internal monologue that you can continue indefinitely by pressing a key. Not sure what it's like working in Love but the platforming mechanics are pretty janky, guess that was what took a lot of development time. The art is fantastic though, and I would love to see you guys expand this further!

Great job!

My pleasure! I can imagine the procedural generation is super hard to get right. One way to fix it would be to give the player enough ways to get out of tight spots that they can't get permanently stuck :)

I think the movement overall feels great so no need to go back to the drawing board! Just do a raycast down from the feet and if there's a collider within a small threshold, treat the player as if they've been grounded so they can jump again safely. Audio would also be a really good idea.

Again great job! Keep it up :)

The sounds are fricken great in this! The flight controls feel very strange for a helicopter (or maybe I just suck), but overall it plays alright. Good job :)

<3 <3 <3

OHH my god I love the way the character moves! Everything in this game is adorable! Platforming feels so damn good too. I only managed to get to 2 levels - the codes at the end didn't seem to add up to anything new...

But damn, this game kicks ass

Cozy zen experience. Would be nice with a backing track and a better indicator for when to press the button. Good job!

Daaamn this game is hard haha. Good job getting it done :)

What do those "legs" that spawn do?


Fun lil game hehe, good job :)

A solid endless runner! I've never seen an endless runner with a digging mechanic. There could definitely be something there if you expanded on it a little! Being able to dig sideways and move through the island quicker could be really fun.

Platforming feels tight, and the overall flow of the game is very smooth.  Menus and restart button are always good :)

My only two critques are in the fact that certain islands get generated that are impossible to get past, and also that the "grounding" threshold is too high. More than once I jumped when I thought I had already touched the floor only to get double jumped.

Great job!

Aw man I can see this game would be really zen and pleasant, if only the framerate was good! :(

But that aside, the islands are pretty and it seems like it's a good flight sim. If you can build a version without the procedural islands and just some land it'd be really nice to try out :)

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I think it would be great to have a bit more of a graduating difficulty curve, and some time to get acquainted with the controls. We'll probably add some more features in the future, and that auto grab mechanic sounds great :)

Good start brotha! Lots of ways this could be improved but hey, you got a game finished :)

Lovely art, nice story, and a solid ass mechanic!

This is such a kickass base mechanic - flying the ship is really tactical and difficult! A lot of complex mechanics you managed to get working in a week, congrats!

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Really beautiful terrain! I guess the game isn't finished though :(

For anyone else wondering - walk near a barrel, hover over it, and press A to pick it up. E drops the barrel. Can't seem to do anything else

This game feels SO DAMN NICE. The juicy effects like screen warp are fantastic. The base mechanic is super slick, I just wish there was more to the gameplay!

SUPER CUTE! Jumping around feels great, the animation on the cat is adorable, and the track is a banger. Pretty standard formula for a platformer, but there's nothing wrong with that. There's a lot of little things that could be improved - sliding with platforms, music not restarting on death, general juice and flair, etc. But the foundation is great, especially for a week's work. Good job!

Thanks dawg!