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I tried buying no ads but it said error 4004 occurred, every time I start the game error 5001 occurs

(If I reported you I meant to reply) can you make a apk?

So what do I do?

The file format is a image format and it won’t turn into a mp3

I didn’t even hear that name lol

It took me 1Y+ to figure out this was a YouTuber and the THICC meme

It’s a flappy bird game


If it’s only playable for mouse, then why isn’t this for mobile since mouse and touch are almost the same thing?

A 5$ game is just free on Halloween?

Oh, but why didn’t he but a link here?

I can’t download, it uses WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY to much space for me to even SAVE!

You made me think this was also for Andriod, why the heck whould you make us think that by saying it’s exutible for Andriod?

I don’t remember why I did this


I don’t have a PC and I tried to emulate it but this can’t run in DOS mode

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Sans+Baldi+Alex+10^(-(g64))% Power=what do you think your photoshopping

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Your ordinary default map packs folder, I don’t see the problem

Wait so Among Us is 5$ but on Mobile it’s free?

Lol I thought the comments under mine where replys

Le baldi&modder: sorry I just got drunk when I tried to say "add no cutouts or else"


U can make a baldi mod making look like birthday bash... just make all the items presents... change all the sprites and textures to what they look like in birthday bash... and change all the sounds to what they sound like in birthday bash then it looks like the ending exists but it's really a mod

idk why I made this

Title with alex

Detointin for me XD

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No saying "No (something) in the halls" even if theres no hall in the halls

Mystman12 can you make this a android mod?

wat dat meen

why is there controls on the screen I saw someone play

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aww... I'm running outta games to play, if only all game were free I only have android and I barely get to play with my mommy's mac 😟😦😣😭

there's a mod menu for birthday bash for android? That doesn't sound real but it is


Get 👉SONG👈 Or watch the 👉VIDEO👈 and get confused why playtime and player are working together :|

Maybe make a voice line when you use scissors on 1st prize guy

(Idk if you did that)

Ardis Mobile Mission


Made for Ludum Dare 39

You're mobile has a battery issue where it keeps running out rapidly.

Try finding the necessary information before the time runs out. Restart always an option.


Click on mobile to interact

Ludum Dare Voting Page Link

More information


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

Ardis Mobile Mission (Windows)15 MB

ArdisMobileMission (Android)14 MB

LOL I did it for u

IDK what happened but it just came out as a file I couldn't open put I guess I am on a android and its for pc

Why did this happen!?!