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unity obviously

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SteelRaven7 im doing a fps game in unity and maybe you can pass me a unity proyect of an example of the ravenfield assets ? pls

or only the ai bots system pls :/


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I have some ideas for the game (pls steelraven read this):

1.- online BUT, an online to play with your friends like you play a match (with ai bots) then a friend puts your computer ip
(like hamachi) and enter your game, and he can select to be the opossite team or your team.

2.- More weapons :P

3.- Minimap should show you the flags

4.- that when you shoot down in the helicopter you own misiles do NOT kill you

5.- More maps :P

6.- AIRPLANES (and air superiority matches too :v)

7.-Bigger Maps :P

8.- The car horn works to make bots come and aboard your car?

9.-Servers of online as Battlefield too (Private Matches and Servers)