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Thanks for giving it another go! The game is supposed to connect to to store a global leaderboard of the fastest times (and show players the top ten), but the server has been up and down quite a bit over the past few days for some reason.

Love the doodles! The visuals in general are a lot of fun. Pleasant music, too. The gameplay is super tough, to the point of frustration. Still, I was motivated enough to give it quite a few tries!

Thanks for playing! It's a locked door--there's a keycard that you'll need to pick up to get through.

Your score is based on your time; the crystals were going to be pickups that deducted from your time (thus increasing your score), but ultimately game jam is going to game jam, so that was one of the things that just didn't end up getting implemented on time.

Very neat concept! It's really satisfying to line up a bunch of turrets and knock them all out with one swipe. I could really see this one becoming something really interesting with a bit more development.

Man, I love the concept of this game. I don't know if there's something I'm just not figuring out, though, but it just seems incredibly hard to me. I went through about five rounds, and I don't think I ever topped 80 points. Those yellow guys on the left get me almost every time unless I already have turrets on that side! Am I missing something that should be obvious?

I really, really wanted to like this one because everything else seems to be nicely put together, but the difficulty is just killing it for me.

Very nice execution! This is a really polished game--everything feels well-oiled and professional. This is the third shooter that I've played so far, and it definitely is the most satisfying of the three. The teleport mechanic was neat, though to be honest it didn't really feel necessary; I played for a little while but never really felt like I was in any significant danger. I think the biggest thing that I was missing was something that increases the difficulty over time, like faster bubble movement.

Oh, yeah! Nice audio, too. The music was pleasant without being distracting, and the sounds for shooting and hitting a target were satisfying.

Overall, probably my favorite of the small handful I've seen so far.

I liked this entirely accurate and educational vaccine simulator ;) Super cute doodles, and I like how they wiggle. It was nice to have the teleport as an "oh no!" option. The shooting felt like it could have had a bit more juice--maybe firing multiple particles or bigger ones. Very nice!

Beautiful game! The visuals are a definite standout. I like the variety of enemies, though I didn't often feel like they offered much of a threat. One suggestion is that since there doesn't seem to be any drawback to holding down the fire button the whole time, it might be better to just have the ship fire automatically. Very nice submission!

Nice effort! I love simple and clean skill-based games like this. The difficulty started off a bit too high for my taste, but otherwise I had fun.

OH NO!!! Great sound design especially, but also great design in general. Everything feels really cohesive and well-executed. I got 550; is that good?

Really fun concept! An interesting take on a game along the lines of Clash Royale. It didn't take long to find a foolproof strategy (peasant, peasant, peasant, flautist won every time), but all of the pieces are there and working well, and no one expects a jam game to be perfectly balanced ;) Would love to see a two-player version with keyboard controls instead of mouse.

That's kind of amazing--apparently none of my feature tests were long enough for me to notice that I never turned looping on for the music!

Very clean execution of the concept. I loved the giant Windows key enemies! I ran into two issues while playing: 1, the game was much larger than my browser window, so I had to make the zoom very small to fit on my 1080p screen. 2. During the battle in the room with the crown the entire game unexpectedly went black.

Getting all kinds of 90's vibes from the background! The play style started to remind me of the bit in Limbo with the mind control parasite (but much more fast-paced). Would have loved to hear a bit of sound; just throwing on some  free music from or would make a big difference. Nice work!

Nice and simple and well-executed. Strong, clean visuals and intuitive controls. My only critique is that it's a bit too easy.

Love the art and music! The controls mostly worked well, but I found that sometimes when the light changed when I was next to a wall it was very difficult to figure out what to do.

Really impressive for your first game jam! The controls are simple but effective, and finishing each level was very satisfying.

Really digging the visuals and controls! I had some trouble figuring out what a good strategy looks like; I think that all of the pieces of a solid game are here, but the gameplay just didn't really click for me.

Really well done! Simple controls (though I never did get the hang of the dodge timing), good graphics, very professional.

Yeah, that section definitely would have benefited from more player guidance. There's a playthrough video in the description if you want to see the solution.

We can only take partial credit for the visuals. I wrote some scripts to set up parallax motion and some glitch effects, but the tiles themselves were part of a free asset pack. I linked to it in the description if you would like to use it in any of your projects.

Thanks for the feedback!

Pretty neat toy! The lighting looks really good for something with no color. Did you use ambient occlusion?

Wonderful! This is incredibly impressive for one person in 72 hours. I found myself wishing that I could move the camera to see where the spikes and red glitches are waiting below me; that's my only minor complaint. I fully expect this to be in the top 10.

I'm glad that you liked it! Yeah, I'm not really sure how scoring for that stuff is supposed to work? It's within the rules of the jam, but we certainly can't take credit for it...

That's the best time that I've seen so far from someone who wasn't directly involved in making the game! I made a runthrough that shows how to find the full game ending:

Wonderful! As soon as the menu started falling all over the place I knew that I was in for a treat. The best that I've seen in the jam so far!

It started off as a mistake, but then I decided to really lean into it!

Thanks for the feedback! I had a completely different idea for how to implement the theme at first--actual error messages in the scripts were going to appear as platforms that you could jump on. But early in the process I noticed that I had messed up the the raycasting for obstacle detection and, well, here we are!

Definitely some hints would be a good idea. My wife and my brother (the composer) both got completely stuck on one section until I told them what to do!

Really excellent game! Once you hit level 4 or so things start to get real...

I like the core mechanic! I think there may be a resolution/display issue because I saw arrows pointing towards a score and timer in the corners, but no score or timer... maybe they were offscreen? I noticed something similar when I first uploaded my game; I had to adjust the settings on my page to match the resolution that I had set in Unity to fix it.

I didn't know before playing this that bees with pistols were something that I needed in my life, but now I don't know how I ever got by without them!

Really impressive graphics! The best that I've seen so far.

Took me a couple of tries to figure this out (I think that I died in about five seconds the first time), but once I did it was pretty fun! An easier/tutorial level at the beginning would be a good idea. I like the ability to purchase upgrades between levels. Nice work!

Poor Jack! The gameboy color scheme really fit the tone for this one.

Great sound, and nice work with the modeling! I like the concept of the short/long wings affecting your turn speed, but the effect was just too swingy for my taste. When one wing was really long it just felt unusable!The visuals are really impressive for the timeframe of a jam, though.

Just the right amount of silly. Love the victory animation/sound effects! This was really hard with a laptop trackpad instead of a mouse, but I gave it my best shot.

Thank you, but I'm afraid that other than a bit of added "glitchiness" we can't take credit for the art. We used a free sprite pack from the Unity Asset Store for the graphics; I included a link in the game description if you want to try it for any of your projects!

By "short food breaks" you mean "eating whatever is within reach while my code compiles", right?

Hey, can you post a link to your game here? Even if you didn't make the submission deadline, I'd love to play and give you some feedback.

This was my fourth jam, and I think it's the first time that I actually had healthy sleeping and eating habits! Not sure whether that means I'm getting better or worse at gamedev...

Thanks for the feedback! All of the walls are solid. When the movement controller checks for horizontal obstacles it raycasts from the top of the character and not the bottom; that means that your feet can always move through walls as long as your head is unobstructed. Thanks!

Hmmm... I haven't run into those particular errors before, but hopefully someone else will recognize them. I would try making an empty project and seeing if it will build; that might help you narrow things down.