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I clicked it 21 times.

i'm glad more and more people are realizing that demons are good friends and fuckbuddies. tiny is such a cutie too~

It works, thank you! will play and review soon!

sincere compliment: that was the first hypno scene that made me feel safe and relaxed enough to enjoy it! (it may have helped that i did the other two scenes first)

crows make for some good doms, huh? would ravens be a bit more on the gothic horror side of bdsm?

have i learned enough to start leading the class on my own yet?

unfortunately the linux version isn't working for me... what engine did you use to make this game? knowing that would help me a lot!

feels like the next evolution of 2005 newgrounds sex games (genuinely positive)

hmmmm, so much yellow! yellow panties, yellow joggers, yellow dildoes, yellow collars. is this a clue to a greater mystery?

rooting for mercy to get all the monster junk she wants!

i may have had too much fun making this cis boy be as big a loser as possible just to see what happens

this brings up unresolved traumas that are far too personal to toss into a comment section

so, all i'll say is thank you

thank you for not answering any of these questions

and thank you for making me feel a little less alone

(admitttedly a little too Much for me in some parts) BUT the ability to flip from dom to sub, to be in two places at once, completely in control and out of control, sends this switch's heart wild

there is something so magical about nonbinary people and the flower metaphor, isn't there? 

this one was more than a bit too much for me to handle but i appreciate the bits i read, thank you for making this and letting everything go fucking wild

cold and discomforting (not a bad thing!), i lost myself in the different routes and thoughts and had fun existing for the gaze of others. i am unsure how to take the plot point about the social justice stuff without more elaboration

fun and delicious, and getting to top a vampire is a delight~

this game doesn't seem to exist anymore, is everything okay?

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oh that's some fun sex! i loved slapping my strap against her strap <3

(edit: are you in need of cover art?)