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Is this game still in development or dead?

tha would be awsome thank you

Will there be any bondage included, and will you be able to pick weather your a top or bottom?

Would love to know as i love your games

does anyone know how to contact meyaoi? i want to talk to inquire to hi

Hi Minoh Workshop just wondering in minotor hotel will there be any bondage scenes expected and if not would you be able to add a few in as i love this game so far and i would love it to spread through the all communities like wildfire please take this idea into consideration i would highly appreciate it

thanks Okalix

thank you for your reply do you know when it might become available on here

could you please post full versions on here please 

(1 edit)

the link for the download is not able to be seen on my pc could you please fix

is there a way for users to get the game uncensored 

I would please