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I just finished my second playthrough and I will definitely play it again eventually!

 I'm usually not a fan of Tolkienesque fantasy stories because I think there's not much more left to do with those specific fantasy elements at this point but I was glad to be proven wrong. Elves, dwarves, goblins and orcs living in the 20s has definitely never been done before and I liked how it wasn't even just an aesthetic choice but a way to explore the theme of traditions vs modernity. Plus I loved the idea of playing a story about the aftermath of saving the world, of what happens after you've already reached the top of the ladder (while still coming to terms with the fact that you might be living in a world where heroes, of the D&D kind, are no longer needed).  

My favourite location was the Entertainment District, if only because these kind of places don't often show up in rpg (unless they're there to be wrecked lol), though Old Town is arguably the heart of the game. 

The first time I played (SPOILERS) I decided to rejoin society in the end and wanted to pick a different option the second time around but I ended up picking the same one lol I feel like it's the most fitting one (I do feel guilty for not being able to figure out how to set up that fund for the people in need though). 

I also appreciated the option to have Brialynne move on and find love again. While my favorite romance was Marla Lee, I still think that it's probably more meaningful for Bria to end up with Kit or the orc (btw this is where I found the only real bug in the game. In my first playthough I romanced Kit only for the ending slides to say that I eventually broke up with him?? And the same thing happened in my second playthrough where I romanced Marla and didn't even flirt with him. Oh and Marla's ending said that her job kept her too busy to often see Brialynne and I'm not sure if this was her actual romance ending or if it got messed up cause the game thought I romanced Kit).

PS it breaks my heart that Katya will be stuck living as a cat lol 

Anyway I'd definitely recommend Pendula Swing to fans of choice based, story driven games looking for a unique setting and protagonist.

Oh wait I did tell them not to build the mine! Uh I guess they left because of that then. I figured they'd leave eventually but I didn't think they would right away. Thanks for replying and sorry for wasting your time lol I'll get back to playing the game then.

After they've given me the gas.

So at the beginning of the game, after talking to the prospectors to get the gas, I decided to go back to the house to get some more money since I had bought a few things from the seller. But when I left the house again the prospectors and their stuff was gone (including the fence they're in front of). Like they didn't load. I restarted the game a few times, uninstalled and reinstalled it but it kept happening. It doesn't happen everytime I re-enter and leave the house though. If I re-enter and leave the house before talking to them, they stay where they are. It only happens if I go back to the house after having talked to them. Honestly I'd be fine just moving forward with the story but I don't know if I'm gonna need to talk to them again later on to solve a quest and don't wanna risk getting stuck further into the game.

I'm only at the beginning but I really like the premise so I hope I'll be able to keep playing.