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Did you try unzipping the file?

Hey, I joined the discord, could you send me the key through that? My Steam Profile is Admiral Mudkipz, and if that doesn't work try my current user which was a user I used to use. I love your game and see a lot of potential in it, btw if you ned me to give you an email I do have a private one that I could send you if need be.

Love your game 


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First of all, I'd make the land flattening tool more smooth,  for example instead of it just flattening the land on click you could make it a circular tool that can be make bigger/smaller with the scroll bar. The player would hold down left click to flatten the land, making it customizable to how the player wants the land to look. I also would recomend letting the player press r to switch between making the land flatten downwards or making the land rise up for making cliffs or hills. 

Second, I'd recomend an info button under the help button on the menu, which would tell the player what certain stats do such as insomniac, or stubborn. It would help with figuring out what people would be best for which jobs. 

Third, I think it would add to the feel if you'd add lakes/rivers to the map, or at least ponds. This would be the perfect oportunity to have a shipyard (since you wanted to add ships), and well as a fishing hut and dock where Vikings could be assigned to fish (If there's a patient trait this would be the perfect job for it).

Fourth,  there should be enemies, and way to counter them. For example a brave person could be a good warrior and so on. There could be walls which could be improved as you get better resources (Such as a wood wall-> stone wall-> stone brick wall with battlements). Guard towers could also be a thing and knowing that you wanted to add fighting between villages, baracks and teams of warriors as well as archers could be raiding parties raiding storage houses for resources. If you want you could also add calvary and stables, although I don't know how easy that would be to add. 

Fifth, add a tool that could reverse something you just did, for example I messed up the land in a place messing with the flatten tool, and I don't have a way to reverse it, which would be convienient. 

I'm sorry if this is a lot, I understand this is in, "very very early alpha", but these are just my recomendations for the game in the long run. Other than these improvements I really love the artstyle, the music, and everything about the game, and I think I'd love this game once it has more to do.

Love your game,


P.S. If anyone would like to post their recomendations, or improve upon mine feel free to reply.

just jump untill you die from a shark or fatigue

right click with hammer and scroll or use the mouse to select each stucture

suggestions for future updates:

1. doors and doorways

2. a way to go under the water so that items that you drop dont fall into the abyss

3.some kind of pet; for example a parrot that flies towards your ship once you put seeds on a birdfeeder, and will retrieve items the more seeds you give it

4. some kind of structure that makes it so the shark can't attack a certain raft part (spikes or something of that sort)

5. more seeds/plants to grow

6 . furniture

7. a multiplayer/co-op

8. more uses for metal; I set up a LOT of nets and i have way too much metal so maybe like a metal raft base or something, it'd be more resistant to shark attacks and stuff like that

9. a dog that swims and retrieves stuff for you, but you have to feed him fish or shark meat every once in a while. (he'll come floating on a barrel cuz why not?)

*quick sidenote* these are long term ideas and could change depending on how the game changes since they only just added the save feature

click under text that says "name your world" than type a world name