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Replied to zaxvrg in Raft comments

just jump untill you die from a shark or fatigue

Replied to Nauatical in Raft comments

right click with hammer and scroll or use the mouse to select each stucture

Posted in Raft comments

suggestions for future updates:

1. doors and doorways

2. a way to go under the water so that items that you drop dont fall into the abyss

3.some kind of pet; for example a parrot that flies towards your ship once you put seeds on a birdfeeder, and will retrieve items the more seeds you give it

4. some kind of structure that makes it so the shark can't attack a certain raft part (spikes or something of that sort)

5. more seeds/plants to grow

6 . furniture

7. a multiplayer/co-op

8. more uses for metal; I set up a LOT of nets and i have way too much metal so maybe like a metal raft base or something, it'd be more resistant to shark attacks and stuff like that

9. a dog that swims and retrieves stuff for you, but you have to feed him fish or shark meat every once in a while. (he'll come floating on a barrel cuz why not?)

*quick sidenote* these are long term ideas and could change depending on how the game changes since they only just added the save feature

Replied to Elmoplays in Raft comments

click under text that says "name your world" than type a world name