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I just completed this again. Ascension: Adventure 2 is good to come back to from time to time. I'd say its a "short but sweet" game. There are two areas where you basically figure out a grind loop until you can buy the best equipment and defeat that level's boss. Learning how to defeat each enemy efficiently with the abilites available is pretty fun, especially the final boss!

Really good game. I think I found all (3?) endings. Web version is best played fullscreen. Once I figured that out it was a really smooth play experience.  I can't wait for the expansion/DLC.

I'm glad to see this game is receiving further attention. :-)

Thank you!

Great game! :-D

I play in the browser or use RetroArch

I agree. This was a lot of fun. Happy new year, all!

Its just implied lore (Santa delivers gifts to zelda-like dungeons and that's how they get there). Thank you for playing!

Thanks so much! Yeah I wanted to say something a little clever about dungeon treasures XD

This is a pretty good idea. It took me a few tries to realize I wasn't using the controls right! I'd love to see some more rhythm games for the gameboy especially if GB Studio can handle it.

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I like the clever use of GB Studio physics to make the slide puzzle (exactly at the limit of 10 actors wow!). Reindeer run is a fun adaptation of the grandma song. Jumping around to catch gifts feels pretty satisfying, I just wish that game was winnable XD. Pretty good holiday game pack for the gameboy :-)

This is very good :-D The controls and the game loop are very polished, and the theming is top-notch for the holidays.

Thank you! ^_^

I was able to embed the game on pretty easily once I figured it out. My submission is now available to play in-browser on the project page!

I finished my project today and have done some moderately rigorous playtesting. The resulting ROM plays in Mednafen and LibRetro as a Gameboy Color game. I've been unable to run it with original Gameboy emulation or on Firefox/Chrome. Any advice would be appreciated, but aside from that my project will be submitted soon!

GB Studio is great, BTW!

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I've been unable to reproduce this behavior on this level a third time.

This is indeed a weird one. I thought for sure if I managed to get it happen twice that it would happen reliably under the same circumstances.

It just so happens I'm set up to record play sessions, and I enjoy lounging around in Mr. Friendly on my time off. The bug happened on a completely different level just yesterday (at the time, I thought I had reproduced it already so I've forgotten where exactly it happened) It seems to be quite rare, but I'll try to track it down and hopefully provide reproducible circumstances and video evidence to go over.

Thank you for working with me on this.

GZDoom g4.3.3, according to terminal output

Ubuntu 18.04.2

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I was just able to reproduce this bug. It was to get stuck on the Inventory screen this time. Here are the exact steps I used. It happened at least twice in this exact way.

gzdoom -iwad DOOM2.WAD -file friendly.pk3 -warp 02

Completed camera quest, entered the secret area, collected both keys, completed the fishing quest, opened Inventory, opened Automap, closed Automap, unable to leave Inventory screen.

I hope this helps to reproduce the bug so it can be squished.

EDIT: additional conditions that may or may not have been present at the time; the level's alternate music CD was playing; the teleporter in the level was used at least once; neither of the level's switches had been activated; the problem ocurred while physically inside the exit room with the quest giver.

Sometimes, I am unable to close the Quest screen which blocks/breaks the game. It appears to happen when I have Quest screen open and then open the Automap.