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Hi Din! You mentioned you aren't sure how things will work on, is there another sales platform where you can confirm there will be credits? Your website recommends GameJolt, but they only have the old Chapter 1 build. I see that Gumroad has a $10 knights version that says chapter 2, and a $25 version that says chapter 3, but their descriptions don't have a lot of info. They actually say NOT to buy that product and go to Patreon instead. But I can't afford to keep paying the same amount on Patreon every month indefinitely. =(

If I buy that chapter 3 version for $25, does it also include chapters 1 and 2?

And will that gumroad version continue getting support and updates in the future?

And will I be able to apply some of that purchase as a credit to the eventual final release, like you mentioned above?

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Even for the purposes of the demo, it would be really nice if we could save. Can you set that up soon?

Also, the elf girl talks down to me like I'm a human even after I create and put on the fake elf ears... is she not implemented yet, or am I missing something?