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check this out m8,

mini-gun might be a little op but the throwing knife and tomahawk YES! :D

there wont be multiplayer. the game runs on unity which is a single player game development software. even if it worked the games script contains to many errors in c# to fix

there wont be multiplayer in this game due to limitations from what i have heard

4000 errors... this might take a while

im currently making what might be the first mod for this game :D

im currently making what might be the first mod for this game :D

maybe add a death match mode where there is no respawning for both teams. melee kills with weapons.night time mode should add a stealth element in it , it would make it better and the silencer would be more effective. helicopter pilots can be shot and killed though the glass.more blood >;D. destructible fences/ buildings (get that battlefield feeling :p) dustbowl would look way better with sand textures instead of rocks. you should be able to swap out weapons from dead enemies/teammates. fall damage.

THESE ARE JUST SUGGESTIONS do what ever you feel like.