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Jupiter Hadley: Oh, cool! I'll watch it when I have the chance.

Oh, I just saw eevee's comment:

1) Whoops!!

2) THAT ONE was Intentional.

3) You're not on time, you're a full hour late!! That's not even fashionable late, that's just /rude/.

Fun! I got 100% in just over 11 minutes. It felt very good to play -- maybe a little easy to run into obstacles close to the edge as you enter a new screen, but not a big deal.

Biggest stumbling block was definitely the hallway with three saw blades early on. I hadn't figured out how to heal yet, so touching one was instant death. I tried jumping over the first blade twice before realizing I could walk under.

The puzzle with the two blocks took me way longer than it should have, ha. An interesting look at my own mindset.

Came across the hidden passages right away. Nice placement, I felt they were intuitive.

A little funny that the wooded area starts off with an intense platform ride, and then no danger after that, but I imagine that's a time-constraint thing.

Thanks for making this!

It worked perfectly. The "annoyance" of having to drop the radio naturally pushes the player into exploring without it... and the consequences thereof.

I tried and managed to get a few different endings! I think I have some idea of how they work, too...

Oh, wild. The effects are perfect.

I'm glad I tried wandering away from the radio, touching something, and then coming back to it. Really interesting idea. Well done!