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This seems really cool!!! Im excited to see where it goes

best game ive ever played. beautifully written and def made me nut 

I loved this game a lot!!  A lot of lines really hit home for me when it comes to the whole artist struggling with motivation and depression thing. It made me feel really positive though. Like its possible to get where I want to be someday but if I don't then thats okay too because you can have new dreams and new goals. I just really enjoyed playing this and I think its exactly what I needed

i loved this so muchhhhhhh. its humorous while still addressing serious topics a lot of ppl go through. i loved when thered be metaphors n stuff, those are soo good. also yay for diversity!!!!!! i liked the little detail of diya being deaf in one ear. people usually write only about completely able bodied people and when they dont its a major plot point. i love the casual representation of lotsa different types of people. also as someone the same age as the main characters, they actually fit their age! i feel like young teens are usually portrayed as acting younger than actual kids their age or way older than kids their age. i just appreciate this game so much