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oop sorry!

What is the license on your packs?

Yeah we definitely got that a lot during the time of making the game. I guess we didn't really think the whole idea out as much as we could have.

I see now that third person would have been a good idea.

In my opinion, the theme is tough because removing the main mechanic can easily change the entire genre. I see where you are coming from though. Thanks for the feedback!

After seeing a bunch of feedback I agree that the speed is off with what the game is. It WAS the point of what we were going for, but we have some ideas on how to improve it!

Yeah we're going to add a texture to the ground for sure. I'm looking into adding slow mo for when you are about to get hit so hopefully that will fix it. 

Thanks for the compliments :)

Cool idea!

probably in a couple days 

Thanks for the feedback! I agree the dodging needs to improve.

thanks for the good points! I agree with everything honestly haha

yep I think it would have been good to add some sort of ground texture 

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yeah based on other comments I think it would have been good to add in something on the ground to show movement. 

Thanks for the comment :)

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lol sorry. It was hard for me not to add more. 

I completely understand. It's supposed to be slow because it was way too easy when you were faster. Still though I get what your saying!

Thanks for playing :)

haha thanks we appreciate it! 

Yep lol. That's how I beat it too. 

Oh and did you dodge with shift?

That was purposeful, but I do get what you're saying. If we ever do this idea again I want to make it faster for sure. 

Yes it is normalized. 

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Hey man this was pretty fun! The sounds overlapping makes it a little bit irritating to listen to but the game is nice and simple and I like what you did. Also i found out you can hurt yourself if you look down a shoot. Fun game!

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We shot for a first person shooter without a gun, so we figured we would add in a dodge mechanic and then we just kind of went crazy with it.

Hey, I just want to say that i'm glad you enjoyed the game. Also thank you for  making the video! Anything to spread the word of our game always helps!

Hey there! Thank you so much for playing and making a lets play!  It was nice to see you persevere and figure things out while playing the game. It always means a lot to us to see our game get played by someone and have them enjoy it.

I'm really sorry about that. I'll have access to a mac in two weeks so hopefully I might be able to get another build oon there that works with a controller.

I guess everyone that downloaded the Mac version used keyboard. I'm sorry about that. I have no mac to test on so I would have no idea what to do about an xbox controller not working. I know the controller works with Windows. Does the controller work with most other games on Mac?

I'm not surprised. We didn't have any Macs to actually test the game with. Nobody has had a problem so far with the build, so I was just riding on the fact that it was working for everyone up until now. 

What gamepad are you using?

Hey thank you so much for playing! We have a lot of theories ourselves for what each island is and how it may pertain to the girl in the boat.  It is always interesting to hear what other people think. Thanks for sharing!

Yeah we actually get that a lot! A lot of people really want to get off the boat and look around. Thank you so much for playing our game!