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Short Playthrough by That Aussie Gamer, thanks for checking the game out and glad you had fun!

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Thanks for checking it out, glad you had fun!

Hawk 51 community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

Please use this thread to report any bugs or issues.

Yo theres a guy on Googleplay who has stolen yours and others games and is passing them off as their own. Please contact Google to attempt to shut this dude down. Name is Enmxdev on googleplay store

This is the original demo still. No updates anytime soon.

but HawkZombie, more time = more better games

I think I bit off more than I can chew lol. I always tell myself keep the scope small but it snowballs on me. How about you, Hawk?

email has been sent

wow really? Wow! Thank you so much for hosting this jam, very original. This is such an honor. I guess rpgmaker2k3

Just started checking this game out for about half an hour and am blown away by the level of polish and attention to detail. Very well done, as fellow RMMV user I really appreciate the fact that it's the farthest thing away from default RTP and yanfly status menus, lol. It just goes to show with the right talent and dedication you can make a great game in RPG Maker.

I'm still playing it actually, I'm at about an hour of play, I don't get a lot of time to actually play games and I'm going through the game jam games and trying them all out and rating them. Once again, just constructive criticism, because this game is a lot of fun, I actually love the battle system and would just love to see this game get some more polish, and I can't say this enough, but very well done job on such tight constraints.

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Very cool idea of a visual novel /RPG hybrid.  Here's my review: 

First the good: The use of clickable arrows to move is pretty unique. The character busts/graphics are very cool, I've seen them floating around the internet but never used. The battle sprites are very well done but really small.  Battles were fairly balanced and smooth.  They were really fun to play. Background images are very pretty. The premise of monsters heading out into the world to take it back from the humans who have oppressed them is a great take on the game jam's theme. Mini games were very fun and presented well into the overall story.

Now for the bad, and please take this as constructive criticism because overall this game is really fun. The art styles of your background images and character art clash and look out of perspective. This may be due to in most visual novels you don't see there feet. They're usually right up on the screen so any perspective issues go unnoticed. I have no idea where I'm going. The "first person" view is really disorienting. I could go left and then back right and not be on the same screen as before.  So I was never sure if I was going in circles. I have no idea what's up with the town scene other than the shop.  Battle sprites are really small and hard to see. Timed attack sequences are a bit overdone. Also I am so used to giving a command and sitting back and relaxing that I would forget and botch the skill. I would love more troop variety, but limited time game jam I know. Action sequences could use some more work. The font is all over the place. Small then big, odd spaces on first lines. It can also be a little difficult to read. The window skin doesn't go well with your aesthetics. Way to much dialogue at times especially at the beginning. I skipped through some of it just so I could start playing. Also what time period is this? I would get the feel of a medieval fantasy but the dialogue is more modern teenagers i.e. "WTF".

Wrap up: very very cool game, unique premise and game play. Beautiful art, albeit clashing at times, it grew on me. Dialogue needs to be chopped down. The battles are really fun, during the long banter between party members, I was hoping to just get into another battle. I love seeing RPG maker used to make games other than the standard JRPG! The point and click aspect is very original. It was fun, really fun and well done, especially for a game jam with limited time. Keep up the great work! 

Thanks alot for the kind words. I am probably going to add more levels story and puzzles once the jam is over and make a proper game out of it. Thanks for playing hope you had fun.

Its up and should be working now, Jennifer. Let me know if you have any errors. I was pressed for time when I was deploying the game and admittedly didn't thoroughly playtest first, which is my bad.

I just got messaged that, apparently there's about 6 or so missin audio files, I'm going to upload a fixed version and keep both up, don't really care if it disqualifies me, I don't want people playing a completely broken game, thanks for checking it out and hope you download the fixed version. Old save file should work so when you download it just overwrite the old with the new. Fix is uploading now so check back in a few.

So I rushed this out for a game jam that I joined a week late on and submitted with just a few hours to deadline so I didn't get to play test very well so I can almost guarantee some bugs, hopefully no game breaking!

So report all bugs and stuff here and I'll try to up date this and fix them after the game jam.

this is excellent Jay. I started late plus had to run out of town this weekend for an emergency trip and had accepted resignation. What a marvelous turn of events.

hey thanks for checking it out and the kind words. I had never got a chance to use Vibrato's Beautiful Battlers before this and they are just amazing.

love the art work and great animations and action sequences. Love the dual tech combo mechanics. Very well done and I look forward to the full game.

great action sequences. This game lagged like crazy on my machine. I had to watch Drifty and Tea 's playthrough. Very nice job.

very clever dialogue!

very good writing for as short as it was. Great job. Next time you deploy your project click exclude unused files. 649MB is huge for a 5 minute game.

I like the sprites and have to agree with quantumphasetech that the change music skill is just awesome. Well done!

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thanks for checking it out. Tea's sprite is Actor 2-2 from the default MV assets reworked by Vibrato and then I edited the sprite sheet some to allow for some different poses. Evil Drifty is from Akashics. You should check out Vibrato's other battlers  for the MV Cover Art characters. All really well done and free and free to use with credit to Vibrato.

Awesome, thanks for the kind review.

hey thanks for checking it out

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in the demo the security door lockdown isn't active, it's for latter in the game. The terminals that are locked on the crew members quarters are in the full game as lore drops and story, in the demo they are nothing. The doctor's office terminal code can be found in his office if you explore his office more. Particularly the painting on the wall.

Not yet, massive overhaul in progress. But it's good to know you're still around.

Thanks for checking the demo out. Cool let's play, it gets a whole lot better in about 30 more minutes of gameplay.

Air recycler is supposed to read: Clockwise from left to right (apparently that didn't make it to the demo) Also the power balance: there's 2 terminals that have to have the output equal to each other, the problem is that one terminal moves in greater incraments than the other ;) Good luck and let me know if you get stuck.

Also connect with me on Facebook for game and development updates: Facebook-OnslaughtSupplyGames

Once again another awesome video! Thanks for sticking with it and seeing it through to the end, you're a real trooper. Watching you play has really been helpful in finding bugs and overall ways to help with game play. The update ought to be a whole lot smoother now. You will definitely get a spot in the credits as well. Keep up the great work and good luck with your channel!