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One that I made, the SGE Game Engine:
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The warning seems, from a quick search, to mean that you need to install the libasound plugins.

But that's not likely the cause of your crash. The crash is probably because of a compatibility problem between my GNU/Linux binaries (which are built on gNewSense) and OpenSUSE. I would recommend using the source code distribution in that case. It's not difficult to set up; just install Python and Pygame, and everything else is included.

If you want to see the errors that occurred, you can use, or just find stderr.txt in ~/.config/retux.

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So it's not just me then. Thank you; perhaps a bug report should be made to the PyInstaller developers.

To be clear, the binary *does* work... with older distros. I don't know for sure what is, but something about newer distros (including mine, Ubuntu 16.04) prevents any binary made by the development version of PyInstaller from working (though I think the stable version is unaffected). Even a simple Hello World script segfaults in the same way. I'll do some tests and make the bug report, and if/when the problem is resolved, I'll rebuild ReTux (and the other two games I've built with PyInstaller).

In the meantime, I recommend using the plain source code. It works out-of-the-box as long as you have Python and Pygame installed.

Yes, it would be possible. I actually chose that position so that it would be possible to add a second player (for split-screen co-op), but just didn't end up doing that.

I don't think it's worth it to make a new release for this change (especially since there's still a chance I might add 2-player in the future, though unlikely, and I don't see the additional use of vertical space as harmful), but if you would like the change, you can replace these lines in (around line 530):

text = "{}\n{}\n\n{}\n{}".format(
_("Score"), score_text,
_("Time Bonus") if time_bonus >= 0 else _("Time Penalty"),
abs(time_bonus)), text, / 2, 0,

with these new lines:

text = "{}\n{}".format(_("Score"), score_text), text, / 2, 0, color=sge.gfx.Color("white"), halign="center")
text = "{}\n{}".format(_("Time Bonus") if time_bonus >= 0 else _("Time Penalty"), abs(time_bonus)), text,, 0, color=sge.gfx.Color("white"), halign="right")

The download links here are all messed up. The one labeled as 32-bit Windows points to 64-bit Windows, the one labeled as 64-bit Windows points to OS X, and the one labeled to OS X points to what looks like source code. Could you fix this, please?

Well, that's odd...

I'd rather not distribute a hacked solution such as this, mainly because if there are updates in the future I don't want the solution to no longer work and to have to switch back and forth between methods. That's a major headache. But thanks for pointing out the source of the problem. Maybe some day I can aspire to have it working normally again.

Why wouldn't you have permission? All of the software is libre. Kitten Command is under the GNU GPL, and the SGE Game Engine is under the GNU LGPL.

So I take it you've figured out what the problem is? I'd really like to know! :)

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I used to use cx_Freeze, but that hasn't worked for me the last couple of years and the no one on the cx_Freeze mailing list was able to help, so I gave up on it. (It makes an executable that doesn't work for various inexplicable reasons, usually Pygame not recognizing the existence of a file IIRC.) I don't even bother writing files for games these days.

It doesn't help either that Windows is needed to build Windows executables, which means I always have to borrow someone else's computer to make one this way. It would be much nicer if I could do it from Wine or otherwise from a GNU/Linux system.

Perhaps I should try py2exe, see if that gives better results.

EDIT: Nah, py2exe is even worse: it doesn't even successfully create an executable.

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me find a better way, though. Actually, what I would really like is to copy what Ren'Py does, but I haven't been able to find any documentation on that.

That's good to hear! And it's always awesome to see someone playing one of my games. :)