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Yea, I bought the game for my brother as well, and it hasn't happened to him and he's got further than me. 

When I load my furthest progress, the extreme lag is there. I can press F2 to display WebGL mode and a gauge that reads "ms 250".

The entire time I have played I did not notice ms over 2, and it's been at a constant 60 FPS, until this one specific point of progress. As mentioned before, I can just enter the northmost door and the lag is gone, back to 60 FPS even when I reenter the save room. 

I tried tweaking all enhancements in AMD profile that might cause a conflict, MLAA, triple buffering, sync options, shader cache, tessellation, set them all to 'let the application decide'. I haven't experienced lag in any of my other games, like Dark Souls 3 or Exanima, only this pixel art game which is really strange. 

Perhaps a reinstall or is there an alternate .dll or a wrapper I can drop in the game's directory? 

 By the way, it's still not putting me off playing. And thanks again for all your hard work. 

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Hello, dev!

I have the Steam ver. I'm at 13h playtime. FPS dropped to 3 after exploring the "Tree" area.

I suspected it was an OpenGL driver issue, so I updated AMD driver to latest experimental. Still the same, only happening on that one specific save.  

Best game I found in years. Hope there is a fix.


*Update: Problem seems to have corrected itself upon leaving the save area, one area ahead, then coming back to the save area. 60 FPS again. The problem replicates when I load the save.