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Also, not sure if you have a chance to play a new version yet? I'm so curious if that laggy problem still exist on your gig.

Thanks VinC for playing the game XD I use PGMMV engine making this and it have some bad performance problem to laptop and AMD user, if that the case?

Thanks I'll try improved those mechanics in the future. Kinda learning how to implement things I imagined to the game :)

Thank you for feedback!

Lol, I've decided to cut some out while upload the vid.

This error is caused by not having all appropriate Visual C++ Redistributable packages installed from Microsoft. You will need to possibly reinstall these packages or manually place the suggested missing file(s) in the correct windows directory to solve the problem. Ensuring you have the distro packages from 2005 to present is required.

The official download page is here:

You can press F1 to use settings features.

Thanks! Yes it's a very first idea of the game to remake KOM at the time. But this one is a prototype concept aside the actual game on Steam :)


A brand new (*NSFW) Action Hack & Slash with Ecchi type of game elements.

The DEMO version of both Prototype project [Blood Souls: Arisara The Undying Of The Crimson Throne] and ongoing project [Blood Souls: Arisara And The Secret Magical Girl Society] are now available to play


    Check the database menu or bottom of screen while you play in anymode.

    You may try download 

    Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013

    from microsoft here

    Thanks for playing!

    Thanks for playing!

    Thanks for playing!


    An arcade shooting team battle I created for the SummerJam by PixelGameMaker MV developed in 12 days

    • This game Included 5 total of characters to play with different weapon and Booster pack's ability
    • Shop and Unlocks! Try to collect as many CRAB as you can while fighting and use them to buy new characters and Booster in Shop menu
    • Custom Parts menu is where you choose to select character and Booster pack for playing 
    • Game has Pre-Random Map. You can expect 3 diferrent map for each round (Total 9). 

    Download and Play:

    Thanks for following my project I'll upload more to this one too.

    It's only for Patron project

    Please report bugs here if you've anythings weird.

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    Daikaiju Daikessen: Versus is a free arcade-style brawler inspired by the likes of Neo Geo’s King of the Monsters and Godzilla: Domination. The game will be regularly updated with new characters from various indie creators, along with new stages and game modes.

    First Major Update Launch!

    • Add 'Dracotocus' Character.
    • Add 'Shin Gojira' Character.
    • Add new game mode 'DEFENDER' with exclusive mission 'Persecution of the Masses' feat. Shin Gojira.
    • Rework new menu design for easy accessibility on both Controller and Keyboard users.
    • Auto Saving Icon now show at the top right coner when you back to home base menu. (This is the default save system of the game that you have to return to base once in awhile after finish any mission)
    • Improved AI with new parameters optimized.
    • Minor bugs fix.


    Full Devlogs:

    My page: OSP Project


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    Hello, everyone! This is my second project whic is the original concept for a retro-style monsters fighting game projects.

    Still, The second demos is Daikaiju Daikessen: Neo Battle Xross, a fan game based on various fan comic and original from kaiju creators in this classic King of the Monsters-style fighting game. Try out the game and feel free to leave any feedback.

    Hello everyone! I just released a Demo version of my game project called "GNGK"

    This is a part of prototype project of DAIKAIJU DAIKESSEN a giant monster brawling game, which is inspired by the classic SNK's 'King of the monsters' game.

    The GNGK is also a story based on fan comic created by Garayann the creator of Nagoraiar and artist of this project.

    Please visit my page for download: