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I know the ending is disappointing, ass looping endlessly might be too, and that is half the premise of the game. But I see, as a survivor myself,  how the end might seem out of taste and triggering.

I am sure to put more effort into it to change this pieces to make it uncomfortable, yet more lightweight.

Thank you for your feedback!

Nicely done! If you don't mind it, I am going to check the source to see how you did some of the transitions.

Very inspiring!

Thank you for playing it!

That was the feeling I was striving for, like living on a loop with nothing else to do but the same thing in order to survive. There is an ending to the loop though.

Nicely done. I really felt like doing that tedious chore while a friend keeps on telling stories to help the time pass by.  I could almost taste the KFC too.

I am not sure what I am supposed to do here, but I guess that is what this game is about.

I really enjoyed the driving, but the exploration bit seemed a little random. Nice work, though. Really impressive.


Nice work!

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There is no way to change it. But you can, as done on NES, use multiple sprites as one.

Of course that won't work for avatar sprite. I found a way to use an empty avatar and room transition to move sprites around. But it is a lot of work... And results in a lot of rooms.

I tried using an item on the same tile of a door, but it turns out the door is used before the item. It might be unrelated, but I think it could be tinkered into something like collect items to open a door.

Although I think it would be more useful to have a tag associated with doors that defaults as "always works" and can be set to {item "name" 5}. But I understand how hard it could be to implement.