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I’m using the newest version of PDN from the website (4.3.10) and it doesn’t work. It also crashes the entire program when I close the plugin.

I have my image in layers, in frames with no layers, as individual images, it doesn’t work.

Thanks for the feedback. I think if I ever go back to this project I would remove the timed hopping altogether.

Hello Secret Hideout, I’ve developed a Ludum Dare game with a lot of your art from this pack. I’m planning to make it into a full release and was interested to know if you’d like to connect.

Thanks! the game is here:

This is a super nice, fun and simple game. I enjoy it immensely. I thought it was very easy to understand and that made it just that much better.

My only complaint was making the shadows a bit more distinct since they are really important to the game. otherwise the concept was solid, execution and atmosphere were super.

I also haven’t tried a different browser yet, but no worries. It seemed like a great concept

I withheld a rating though, I feel like it would be unfair to give it one based on not being able to play.

I’m playing on chrome and it literally isn’t working. I clicked on two characters and got stories. then I have tried clicking everything else, nothing works. not even the buttons.

Thank you.

I didn’t understand what I was supposed to do. Sometimes I would repeat the level like 3 times, and sometimes I wouldn’t even finish the level and move on. It looked and sounded nice, the controls were solid.

This is a pretty neat game. I think it would just need some difficulty increases by way of size increase and speed changes

The camera was my only negative. Of course there was no audio of music, so it would be interesting to have them be voiced.

I enjoyed this a lot. I’m a music person, so that’s what I notice immediately and it was quite nice. I also thought the mechanics were simple enough, but the challenge was the right amount to keep it from being boring. solid, solid game.

The concept was great. It hitboxes are a bit wide for everything, but the game itself plays well, the sounds and visuals coexist nicely.

I love this, super dope take on breakout. I wish there were lives instead of one and done, but otherwise it was executed perfectly.

I liked everything, except the coins. Sound was on point, visuals were charming. Feedback was solid. The coins slowed the game way down and also served no purpose.

Thank you for your feedback!

Hey nelsoft, thank you for your feedback. There was a ‘how to play’ section on the title screen. It’s actually pretty silly. Check it out.

Thank you for the feedback! I’m glad you liked the music!

I really liked your game. I played it on day 1. I even felt like a pro after mastering that switch room with the 5 switches in the center. one of the better entries for sure.

Overall pretty solid platformer, perhaps a few tweaks on the momentum however, I kept sliding off of things, and then when anticipating sliding off of things, falling on the close side instead. Sound and feedback were good. You can get softlocked in level 2, and I accidentally found a bug I couldn’t replicate in level 1.

Thank you Treemolo, I’m going to check it out today. I appreciate the color feedback as well.

Thank you for that feedback. I appreciate it a lot because I was really worried about how that tutorial would feel.

Thank you! I’m glad you liked the music. I actually made that menu and animation, literal minutes before the submission time lol.

Thank you! I agree with you. I had the sprites for it, but haven’t implemented it yet. However I do appreciate that someone actually wants it there. lol I’m glad you liked the menu!

Pretty cool switching back and forth between characters. I liked the puzzles, not too hard, and still challenging.

Graphics were so cool but it was hard to see them with that vignette effect

I enjoyed collecting the endings. very cool use of global memory

Concept is great. Dimension hopping is a super idea, the execution of it with the control scheme is the only problem. There’s not enough time or enough telegraphing of where you’ll be. Perhaps if you’re highlighting the next color, you could have those show up as a semi transparent image.

I liked what I saw, I went left though on level 2 lmao. It’s a good concept!

RIP I went left.

I was immediately interested in the art style, I tried to understand what to do while playing but couldn’t make sense of it. The music was pretty chill, it’s solid.

I enjoyed the idea/concept and liked the use of color being removed from the game as important objects. the hitbox was pretty big on the character and that caused some visual issues

Very simple platformer, and the controls felt nice and responsive, albeit floaty, still I felt in control. Nice entry!

there were only 3 right? I think the best one was the ‘kingdom hearts/final fantasy rpg’ sounding one that plays while you’re getting the milk, especially because it has the silly meow like synth but still sounds like oh snap this is a boss.

Very simple, easy to understand, and good use of the theme. No audio, which is a shame, because it feels like an actually finished jam game otherwise!

Maybe it isn’t my type of game but I didn’t make sense at all to play. However, the atmosphere, the look, feel, sound, all that was on point.

We all have bugs, you don’t have to be sorry, though thank you for the apology. I had fun.

You asked me about the audio. I think it gives a sort of unsettling vibe, considering the bad guy will come if you don’t collect all the milk, it’s doing it’s job. The thing I’d recommend is simply making what you think sounds good, and then looking to make that as good as possible. When I do music, and even when I did the song for my game, I make it. then I look at it to see what’s not right, just like with code, and after I make the changes it normally sounds better. In the case with FlusterCluck! I made that music over the course of an entire workday, and still ended up adding more and taking things out the next day.