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Hey guys! I wanted to share my recording of this game. I really, really enjoyed playing Anime Dream Girl and can't wait for the next episode!

Here's the link to the playlist:

This game was pretty funny and entertaining to play. I enjoyed it!

I really liked this game! That one scene was very sad...but the action that came after it was super cool! I enjoyed this a lot.

I really liked this game! The sprites are cute and saving "my people" is a really nice idea. Awesome game!

This was the perfect combination of creepy and disturbing. I loved it, just wish there was more to play! Is there a reason for the floating cat hairs? I liked the detail, but I didn't fully get why it was there. The sounds are super and the dim lighting really adds to the creepiness. It's the third game in my video, if you want to see how I played it :)

Great game! The sounds are great and I love how the lights fade realistically even though it's in a minimalist style.  I would just pick on one thing though: the jumpscare wasn't as scary as I would have hoped. The buildup was great, but it finished a bit weaker than it could have. Still, I really enjoyed it! It's the second game in my video if you want to check it out :)

This was really good! The ending with the knife really made me squirm (imagining the feeling is so...eugh...). It's so cool how you made such a scary experience that lasts just a few minutes, but just as scary as long games! It's the first game in my video if you want to see :)

I managed to keep everyone alive! I really like how that's a feature if you want to save everyone. I really enjoyed the characters and the puzzles were just tricky enough to be enjoyable. Plus, the level design was very cool and I love the effect on the torches. Really good game!

This was fun and challenging, just how I like games to be! The music is amazing and wowed me. The scenery in the back is also a really nice touch! 

I played this a while ago and just had to go back to record it. It's so fun to play! I'm not really good at these types of games, but something about the style and how nice it feels to play it made me really enjoy my attempts! 

This was really fun! The idea is pretty original and I enjoyed the style and aesthetic of the game. I recorded my playthrough in case you're interested to see it (I did pretty bad on some of the click levels, embarrassingly enough). Keep up the great work!

Very fun! It does get a little repetitive as the game goes on, but the flipping and flying cars make up for that. The song is amazing and I played it on beer mode once just to hear it fully XD

This was really fun and a unique game! I played this a while ago and finally wanted to show it off on YouTube. Super fun and creative!

Very interesting! I haven't seen this style of game before but I really enjoyed it! Great work!

This was a really cool idea! I would have liked it more if there was sound, so I added my own in my video (it's the third game if you want to see it). Good work though and keep it up!

The head jumpscare got me! The noise was super creepy as well. I played this as the second game in my video if you want to see how I played it :)

This was fun, but I would have liked it more if there was more spook to it. Good work though! This is the first game in my video if you want to see me play it :)

This was really well made! Even with limited colors and a simple design, you really pulled this off nicely! I really enjoyed the puzzles too.

Games like these are my favourite! I love the loops that subtly change and lead up to a scare. You did a really good job!

I really like this style of games and this one was amazing! It was so scary! Super job!!

I absolutely loved the concept! The sounds are sooo nice as well. This is just so relaxing and satisfying to play!

This game is so nice and really does a good job showing what's it's like to feel so alone and hateful. The ending is so sweet and the music is super! I made a video about the game, Discomfort Zone deserves more recognition!

This was a really fun game! I played it as a horror game and was pleasantly surprised at the end. Good job! I played this as the third game in a video since it made for a sweet little ending :)

I really liked the old-school feeling to the game, it gives it a nice charm. Even though it was short, it was still really good! I played this in a video, it's the second game if you would like to see it :)

I really liked the real error after the crash, it made the game feel quite real. The sound effects also made it very immersive, super job there! I played this in a video, it's the first game in it :)

Here's the second attempt in case anyone's interested in what I did!

This was a really nice game. I didn't expect the story to be so intriguing , and I really enjoyed that! I just had to play the game again after I realized there were multiple endings. Super job!

I really like puzzle-type games and really enjoyed this one! The lake scene is really pretty. The spooky part did startle me, so nice job on that! 

I really liked the concept and the scary part (no spoilers), which was different from most other games but still very cool. I adore pixel-style games and you did such a great job! 

This was really interesting. I really like how every choice impacts you in some way, even unexpected ones! I played this twice, and you can watch them if you would like to. Nice job!

I didn't realize this was partly a horror game and was so shocked. The combo of pet and horror was really well done! Very nice job! I recorded my playthrough on YouTube if anyone is interested. The ending of the game really got me sad.

This was really spooky! I didn't expect what happened at the end (no spoilers). Very well done! This is the third game in my video if anyone is interested. Really made for a strong ending!

I never thought about this happening my entire I'm super cautious about my garage! I added this into my video, it is the second game if anyone is interested :)

The ambiance is really nice. The voice acting sounds just a bit off though. Other than that, I enjoyed the experience! I linked my playthrough in case anyone is interested (the first game)

Super, super game! The idea is so unique and so well made! I recorded my playthrough (linked in case anyone is interested) and really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the final product!

This was really fun, I enjoyed it a lot! I can't believe you made such a great game in just 10 days! Amazing work! Level 7 really got me for a while but I still had fun (I recorded my playthrough of it, in case anyone is interested).

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This was super cool! Top notch voice acting and the computer screen really felt like an old one, so immersive! There are so many options, too! I went through the game three times (linked in case anyone's interested). Seriously though, this is epic and I loved it!

This was awesome! I love how cute the voice acting is too. I would just suggest having an eraser though, since mistakes happen. This game made for a super fun video!

I loved this game so much! I made a 3 part series of it on YouTube too! Keep up the amazing work!