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It was fun! Had a great time for my first jam, learned a lot from everyone's games and feedback :)

Thank you! The possibilities the core mechanic had almost caused me to give in to scope creep, but there's a lot of things for this prototype I didn't implement that might be really fun to play (enemies, custom actions, etc  etc).

Thanks for playing! It was a lot of fun to work on once I got the core mechanics down. I had a few more ideas for level mechanics and core gameplay mechanics, but ultimately didn't budget my time well enough to implement them.

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely got stuck a bit asking myself whether the implementation worked for the "one button" theme, since the controls utilize more than one button, but the way that the player actually moves is only handled through the one next button at the bottom of the screen.  This made me a bit uncertain if it fit the theme, since the inputs were more than one button, but everything is handled through the one button so it's a weird case. 

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely noticed the music getting annoying during development and ended up muting Unity unless I was specifically working on audio LOL

Loved it! Really creative take on the "one button" theme and great writing/plot :)

I like the idea of this game, and this short prototype leaves you with a lot of room to add features. Adding some puzzle features like collectables, enemies, keys, and whatnot would help to spice the gameplay up a bit. I did notice that occasionally switching directions results in a weird curve-like motion instead of a smooth movement into the next direction, which does result in some moments of frustration in trying to move around the maze. Overall though, I liked this submission and feel there's a lot of unexplored room to explore. Good job! :)

Simple, yet EXTREMELY funny to play once the slimes start multiplying a bunch. Really fun overall, though I do wish there was a little more to it, like maybe special variants of the slimes that cause unique effects on death instead of just dying on their own. Congrats!

Really fun game! I especially loved the text that would occasionally pop-up, commenting on where you've gotten. Added a lot of charm. My only issue is the shrillness of the shift ctrl sound effect, but I thoroughly enjoyed playing this! Congrats!

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

One of the hardest parts was trying to communicate this core mechanic to the player, and I tried to do this partially through the UI (the arrow above the current action) and partially through the level design, since collecting the chest on the first two levels requires a little bit of experimentation!

Thanks for the feedback! I didn't budget my time nearly as well as I should have but I actually did plan on having the gold give players the ability to buy new abilities to slot! :)

I like the approach you took with this game, and the general design of the game. Think that with some more development/time  this could be a lot of fun :)

This is a really cool prototype, I love the way it feels combined with the movement. Has a lot of potential for future improvements!

Good job! I really liked the sound design :)

Great job! I like the core idea of the game, but the horizontal platform not carrying the player got a little bit obnoxious since you have to switch in and out of the "platform move mode" to move across a plane.  Also I noticed that the player keeps their access to move/rotate platforms even after they die, which makes some levels a bit easier with a few calculated deaths than otherwise :)

Really neat take on the "one button" theme, and I loved the level design, which provided a perfect mix of difficulty and engagement. 

Cool idea, and well executed! Like the introduction of a goal mechanic to a typical pong game and the visuals.

I love the writing in this! The little quirks of the text bubble (like the shaking/italics) really add to it, and it made the narrative really charming :)