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Thanks. Wish I could update the project, currently loaded of work, may wait a little more for OW2 to come closer and upload a bunch of content all togheter.

Thanks, I needed to save time with a prototype and this will come handy! Sorry I didn't had more on my paypal. Coming back later.

This game has a lot of potential. Thanks for the update.

Hi, if you have a Discord server go to Configuration and a tab named Emoji will appear. 

You can upload up to 50 emojis to use on your server, but you need Discord Nitro to use them globally or add gifs.

hi! I didnt made Winston, but Im sure I can upload him before the weekend. Thanks for the support!

I already told all my friends about this game, they will sure look for it! Good luck on release!

Thanks, they are only free for non-commercial use.

You can add it to any discord server or any twitch channel as you wish.

Thanks for the words, they are all 32x32 px.

I like the game, would recommend changing the enemy life to a lifebar, making it obvious that you have to hit the enemy 50 times make it a little frustrating! still 5 stars

Great game!

I like the graphics but the gravity and enemies hitting without playing animation should be fixed

ha! i got to the end and it's a pretty funny theme! music is great! keep it up!