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now that i think of it if the game had a sort of pet system that would be crazy, like enslaving a druid or bandit / charming (requiring a very high relationship point or very low relationship points and a dominant/submissive personality) them but it would require complete reworks of some things.

cool concept, way too much work..

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This is kinda weird but could there possibly be a cheat sheet made for the game as a sort of test mode? like a full list of all potions and recipes?

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to justify it though i just got to day 20 of Spencer and he quite literally pointed out not seeing anybody else over the like....18-17 days hes been going there.

I always wondered where literally every other person in the homeless shelter is, It feels like more of a 2 bedroom house with the only bedrooms being the MC's and our gold ol' rhino. Did you have plans for other homeless characters or any fluff text like "passing a couple others in the hallway"?

Im sorry i have to say this now but i looked at the title screen and thought darius looked off, i posted it on one of the discords i'm in and one of them said he looks like Furry William Dafoe and i just couldn't take the pressure.

A quote from a friend who has never played the game but saw the image

"Why is there a game where you can (presumably) fuck furry william dafoe"

I dont know too much about dating sim development but i wouldnt expect any languages other than english coming out soon or before release.

Unless you want Dynewulf to put it through google translate and done, he would either A. Hire a translator or get help from one. or B. Happen to know spanish and spend 2X the time rewriting all past dialogue in spanish and his future work in spanish also.

lets not forget 2x the dialogue means 2x the errors and a lot of spanish typos will probably go unnoticed due to the majority of the players being english.

He also usually only advances one characters story at a time, and i think he goes through them in order.

interesting update from what ive read in the patch notes, i will reply to this comment if i find anything i extremelly like thats new and/or anything that feels off

I think the ghost and witch alley parts seemed to be the problem but i have no real idea why.

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If you don't have a touch pad, any form of a mouse scroll wheel you use on your laptop should work also any form of a right click will open up the save menu (on my laptops case its clicking the trackpad with 2 fingers as it doesn't have left and right click buttons)

I remember with certain text input sections of your game for chesters route you have easter egg inputs, do you have any for Harolds route?

your laptop has a touch pad right? in this case for a mac and pc laptop you simply put 2 fingers on the touch pad and pull downwards. its the same as scrolling in a browser you scroll down and the game will reverse.

The game is not finished, and updates monthly, the updates always add one  or more days to one of the love interests.

All routes are not finished.

Update 1.72 is the update that added chesters latest day (which is day 27)

If i recall the creator rotates through them so once he gets all the rest an update he will move back to chester.

Nevermind i fixed it i restarted the entire thing and started off with doing all of the arcade machines, then i explored the middle ghost street that had me meet the wrestler, then i did the bottom right ride, the broken sign ride, and the top ride.

I seem to be completely stuck in the halloween event, theres no option to end the event and i feel like i have selected every option and gotten a response except for the green alien and the bat sign. I checked the last halloween post and followed that to no avail.

Great game and i cant wait for more expansions!

one question though is why is it when you do the golden hair quest for the tailor they get the option for both a jock strap and panties added? and is there a reason for the panties having an additional agility added to them while the jocks that were added with the completion of the quest are the same as the first jockstrap including being the same price as the panties and first jockstrap?

I know somebody must have said this before but how does Coach Grifter wear a tie on day 3 Chester route, what kind of bug causes Grifter to wear a tie over his tank top

im not sure if iphone supports app downloads from anything except from the app store, so i dont think it is a possibility.

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On day 27 of Coaches route with redish brown hair and 2nd skin tone you can see the pubic hairs through your clothing.

edit:after leaving the car the hairs are gone.