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Oliver Miraciski

A member registered Apr 18, 2019

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Hey, how do i keep my save for the next versions of the game ? I completed everything so it'll be great to know if there is a way to transfer save, thank you

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Hello ! I've bought your game and i played all night yesterday, i had a great time !

I thought you might know some of the issues i encountered so here's a list :

- Game crash almost everytime after finishing an episode and then pick a new one

- Some enemy doesn't talk at the end of the fight (maybe on purpose?)

- In the parrallel universe of the warrior, i got an equipment, but it vanished right after, my equipment was full, but not my bag

- If you buy an item upgrade in the shop, then quit at the upgrade item selection screen, your gold is not refunded

- The editor mode is really buggy and keep crashing

- The french translation is very poor, and it just 50-60% complete since there's a lot of english text mixted with french text (personaly i don't care but for french player that don't read english this might be a problem)

Except for this points, the game run really smooth ! I'm waiting for tonight to play it again :D

Thank you for this game,


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Just Finished the demo last night.

It has a lot of Persona vibe (UI/Menu from persona 5 and the characters are making me think to persona 2)

I like the work globally, i'll make constructive critics, maybe it'll help you improve the game :)

Very pleased to see the game is polished on a lot of aspects, but why didn't you change the basic sound effects from rpg maker ? it makes a cheap feeling breaking with all the rest that is great.

Also regarding the UI, some status effect are impossible to read because of a number on top of it.

Maybe the diffulty is too easy ? (Not an objective comment, i play a lot of hard rpg, but if your goal is to do it hard then maybe an increase would be nice, or hard mode) 

I wish you the best for the future, keep up the good work :D