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Oliver Bentzen

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Well yes and no, there was a bug i didn't notice before in terms of accuracy and recoil. Basically you're either accurate, or inaccurate. Nothing in between. So basically, if you added more barrels you should in theory reach the point where it will always be 100% accurate.

I have already fixed this i just haven't published the build yet (I have to disable a feature i was working to do so).

Unfortunately, i don't think i can really fix this, because i have no idea how Linux builds in unity works.


Well, i haven't exactly thought up a grand plot for the game. So for now the plot is Video Games

Thanks for the feedback

1 is now in the game.

2 is fixed, at least as much as i can at the moment.

Thanks! It's gonna be really weird seeing my game on youtube

Since this was the first game i ever managed to actually finish (and i have a lot of trouble with actually doing that), i can't say for sure if i will add more content to the game.

It's also a little tricky to judge if i dislike my game (or game feature) because it's bad or because i made it. As i found out with this game, because i think it's just above bad at best. So i'm also gonna have to learn when something is actually bad and when my expectations are ridiculous.

Thanks for the feedback!

I was aware of this issue and thought i fixed it, but i guess not :P

It should be fixed now, if you find anything else then please let me know.

Gunstructor is a game where you construct your weapon, as well as the projectile it fires. Then you will be fighting tons of enemies to get the highest score. You have to balance your quick reactions and aim with your careful gun design.

Was that too advertising-y?

I feel that i should mention that the game is pretty small. At least at the moment.

Any feedback is a appreciated.