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Curse Of Zipfelmuetz

A 6 level exploring and broom riding jump and run. Retries and thinking required.

Your 50 cats were snatched by magicians. Free them.
You play as the young energetic cat caring witch, commonly known  by her nickname "Curse Of Zipfelmuetz". 

Link to Game:

Game Homepage:


Keyboard only.

Move and Menu Navigation: Arrow keys or WASD.
Jump or any other action: X or M. You will have to find out by yourself what other actions are possible.
Proceed in menus: Space or Return.
Admit defeat in a level: P. To return to title menu, press P again.

Must read this:

1. The "Trespassers Guide" (second option in title menu) contains hints.
2. Left/right keys at first option in title menu sets the start level. This allows for practicing every level. Practice broom riding in level 6 or 3.
3. You can admit defeat in a level by pressing key P. You return to the title menu by pressing key P again.

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A fast 5-a-side-soccer game with singleplayer and two player modes.


IMPORTANT:  This game is fast. So you may want to start with "Incredibly Slow" speed level. 

- good CṔU opponent and non-pathetic gameplay
- 16 nations
- friendly matches
- tournament (quarterfinal to final)
- celebrations if tournament won
- 6 speeds in friendly matches and tournament (incredibly slow to fast)
- 4 brain and 6 speed levels (in "singleplayer" mode where both teams have same features)

Keys: Arrow keys and X or WASD and M. Or Joystick. Read controls submenu. Key B for back (in menus, in game aborts a game).

Also note the teams have different strengths. You may want to first pick a good one as yours and later, more experienced, your favorite one.

(To admins: This is not a brand new release but it never got any coverage and I discovered community only recently after uploading my most recent game).

Hyperactive Soccer Friendly Match

Hyperactive Soccer Tournament Tree

Tournament Tree

Hyperactive Soccer Team Selections

Team Selections

Hyperactive Soccer Celebrations

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So, summarizing,  now keyboard no longer works but it did in the past, regardless if joystick is connected or not. That is strange. You could make a test however by starting the browser with/without gamepad connected.  On my Ubuntu 16.04 and OSX 10.11.4 both with Chrome 66.0.3359.139 (64 bit) it works. Have no 64 bit windows box for test.

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You may be the third person ever using gamepad  :-) The game uses the html5 gamepad api.

What Operating System/Browser/Joystick do you use ? Is it an analog (stick) or digital one (pad) ?

Does connecting the joystick before starting the browser or reloading the page after connecting it improve things ? 

Is e.g. the menu pointer moving by itself ? Because ...

Guess 1: A joystick option turned on which causes firing of events continuously, e.g. autofire ?
Guess 2: Maybe your joystick is an analog stick and  in rest position yields already an axis value which is above the fixed threshold I have chosen (0.25). I did not implement a full calibration process. Worked for my XBOX controller and logitech precision pad in tests. 

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No Windows version is planned. For now there exist the HTML5 version (always up to date), the Android version (older version, I no longer make Android versions for new games) and an internal Linux version.