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i agree!! it was honestly extremely disturbing. had to take a minute to recover from it. i always think it's unnecessary when that sort of topic is thrown around without warning or in bad taste. hopefully the creator updates the game, and removes that part of it.

thought this was fun :)

i wish there was more! this was soo cool!

i love warioware and i love this!!! seriously such a fun game. absolutely addicting. the only thing is i seriously suck at the abduction minigame

i tried to replay this fantastic game to find the second ending, but every time i try to start it up an error message pops up that reads:

The procedure entry point CreateDXGIFactory2 could not be located in the dynamic link library dxgi.dll.


i'm not crying, you're crying

this was really cool to play! loved it :)

i made it through endings loop, invasion, close, calm, and simulation but after that, the game froze while i was preparing the coffee as usual, except i can still hit esc :( not sure if it's a bug?

nonetheless i love this game :)  it's super groundhog day-ish and i love seeing what's new the next day

a fantastic game!! the only thing i'd make any different was the walking speed, but it was amazing nonetheless :)

so fun! it's really simple, kind of like a warioware game! after reading that the game only used one input, i thought it would get boring after a while, but i got really into it! will absolutely be playing this n my free time :)

this was such a great game!! the camera angles were unnerving, the way the story was told was neat, and i love the style/aesthetic of the game :)

"revenge" implies i did something to be brutally splattered all over the front of this car, any plans for a prequel?

this was really cool!! i love that games for old systems are still being made :))

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at first, i was absolutely freaking out but then. 🥺🥺🥺 absolutely adorable, i loved the atmosphere.