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Thanks for the feed back! I am still new working on level design, so I continue to improve it as I go.

Will do! I also have to fix some small bugs in the game as well, I just haven't gotten around to it.

Thanks, will do!

No problem, and sorry if I sounded harsh in the gameplay section, after reviewing it, I could have been more critical and less biased. I also wanted to let you know some ways you could flesh out the game into something somebody would purchase. 

I would start by adding many new levels and gameplay mechanics to the game. Things like the golden rings help with making the game feel more diverse and dynamic, though I feel as though you could do more. Things like power-ups that either increase the height of the jump or give the player a bit of resistance to the lava(something like a shield or some boots). 

One other issue that I had was when some mechanics weren't given time to be taught to the player completely. The level that introduced the mushrooms and rings is the best example for this. When the player jumps to the right he sees both the mushrooms and the ring at the same time. The player not understanding how these items work, and will most likely die due to a lack of understanding how these new mechanics works. One way to fix this issue is what I call the "Mario Mechanic" method. When playing a newer Mario game you are presented with the level's mechanic in a safe environment before you are put in danger. EX: At the start of the level there is a hole that Mario can't jump over. There is also a platform that is above that hole that moves right when you are standing on it, and left when you aren't. You cannot die in this section, so if you fall into it by accident, you won't be punished for it. 

This can be applied to the Mushroom/Ring room in two ways. One is where you need to enter the ring in-order to get the bullet that allowed you to jump, so you learn how the mechanic works in a save environment. Secondly you can split up the mechanics into different levels, one level for the mushrooms, and another for the rings, and then finish it off with a room that uses both of them.

I hope this has been helpful and if you are at all confused, please let me know.

Thanks for the help. I intend to work on the game a bit further so this will help. Directions are lacking as I focused almost all of my time to working on the core gameplay, and the crafting system was hard to nail down. I hope to make a section on the main menu explaining how to play the game, but if you think something else would work better please let me know. Making a dynamic algorithm for the time increase is also something for me to look into. Thanks for the help, it is greatly appreciated.

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Sorry, I didn't notice at first

Fun: This game is fun, it might only be so for a couple minutes, but it is still fun.

Visuals: You nailed the NES astetic

Music: A bit to repetitive, even for NES standers

Sound: The sound effects are good, wouldn't change them.

Story: n/a

Theme: I think the idea is that you only have a small slow-mo timer, but that isn't much of a problem as you can still play it just fine without it.

Fun: Didn't enjoy it, this is probably because the (Rage game) style you went for is my least favorite type of game, and there were so many leaps of faith. The mechanics were cool though.

Visuals All but the end game screen looked good. Almost 5*

Music: good, it wasn't too repetitive and was good to have played when you were zoned out.

Sound: Best use of sound effects I have reviewed so far. They may be 8bit, but they make the game feel alive.

Story: n/a

Theme: It worked, but the amount bullets was used in a way that felt more like level design than something that I don't have access to.

First off, Can't quit. 

Fun: Cool idea, the concept of using the bar as a risk vs. reward idea is really neat, but the rest of the game could be better, I never felt afraid of dying from the heat because of the water spot placements being right where it would be most convenient for you, but if that is what you were going for, than it is fine. The movement is very slippery, similar to when Mario is on ice. (P.S. The tutorial uses too much text and the game-over screen feels empty)

Visuals: Nice Job.

Music: Could be better, could be worse, consider having another track for the tutorial.

Sound: Lacking, there were like two sound effects, jumping shooting, and that is about it.

Story: n/a

Theme: I couldn't tell what the theme was or how it was applied. If the game was about risk vs. reward then this section would be much more positive, but the idea of scarcity is about how little something is, and like I said earlier, the water is placed frequently through the level.

Nice game

The graphics are very pleasing, the voxel art is quite enjoyable and is one of my personal favorites. the music and sound are basic, but work. The story is ok. The theme is hard to understand, if the scarcity is the lack of food to fill up the bar, then it does not work because you can just run to the end of the game without worrying about it (As long as you don't run into any cars). The game-play is questionable. It draws comparisons to Crossy Road, but aside from the hunger bar, which I stated earlier doesn't matter, I don't feel the need to hurry. Plus the movement feels weird and I can glitch through walls. If you want to fix this, add polish to the code, randomization for replay value, and make the levels longer.

Really Cool Concept. If you have the time, I would polish up the UI of the game and fix the issue where the game keeps going even after you "Game Over"