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Yep, nice idea. It is explained in the info screen, but I will to put it in the game´s description as well.

Thanks for playing!

There is an ifo screen on the "?" button, but it may be a good idea to include a little tutorial too.

Thanks for playing!

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Its a good point, from the begining I tried to reduce the inevitable randomness somehow, because of that I include the "loaded dice" mechanic. This makes the game a little bit more fair, but still it has some dispointing moments where you get stuck just because a bad roll as you described. I´ll have to think in how to improve that.

Thanks for playing, and nice to meet an open source software supporter too!

Wow I love all the bad endings drawings, really funny game :)

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Wow, nice idea! My head exploded when "non normal" dice numbers appeared :)

I admit I reloaded a few times to get just 5s and 6s, then I was so powerfull... Nice game!

You can't put pices on top of tiles from their same color, althogh rethinking the idea I realice it might have been a bit confusing. Thanks for your comment, and yess, I'm playing your game right away!

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Hey thanks for your ideas! It may be a good idea not letting to load the size dice to 1 yep. About rotating pieces, it is posible by right clicking when holding the piece, maybe I shoud include a little tutorial.

When I tought I was excapaing from the forest I was shot down by an helicopter, impresive. O_o

I love the art style of the game, very nice atmosphere and color palette! I just missed an animation for the bird so it seems more real, and may be some background music. But very nice overall :)

Hey, great game!

How did you make the music? I would really like to learn to compose somethig like that, but I have no idea about where tu start.

Hey, thanks for playing!

I'm aware of your problem about the ice hit areas, I just run out of time to fix it. I also thought about implementing a jump height control, it could have been a nice idea to improve game feel.

I'm glad you like the game besides its little problems, and thanks for the coment! (~˘▾˘)~  

Thanks for the comment, you are completely rigth. I considered making a little tutorial at first, but I finally run out of time. 

Glad you like it besides it, thanks for playing!

Yep, actual sea is full of rubbish, trying to let it know...

Thanks for playing!

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Hey, thanks for playing!

And yeah, I know the game it's pretty difficult, I thought of implementing a softer difficulty curve, but I run out of time so I let it be a "hardcore" experience. (I sopose it's hard to survive in the meliting artic) ~(˘▾˘~)

About my highscore, I once reached 53 points playing whith a controller. Playing whith the keyboard I barely reach 20.


It's fixed now, thanks.

Absolutely (─‿‿─)

Hey, thanks for playing!

I suppose you might be right about the haughty tone... But that was kind of what I intended. When making the game I thought about it more like a short joke to make you think than a supper reflexive experience. But I get your point, thanks for sharing it!

A short story about learning not to choose, but loving everyone:

It´s so relaxing... Just wonderful. Great work.

I like the idea, I'll think about it and on how could I expand the game. Thanks for playing ( ╹▽╹ )

Ou, that's a nice idea, I could implement it once the game rating for the jam is over. Thanks (◍•ᴗ•◍)