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Nice. Had to watch a walkthrough for the last level, though. That was a tough one. It was fun to try and figure out, rather than frustrating, but I wasted an entire afternoon on it.

A little bit too easy, but still fun.

Please, make an update for this game when you can, and replace Level 13 with an actual puzzle. Passed it, but it was so horribly designed that I lost the will to keep playing the game. Pure tedium and a complete disappointment considering the levels that came before it.

Way too easy and a bit too long, but not bad. Only 30, 31 gave me some challenge. It was still fun to play.

Oh, I see. I was a little confused.

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I don't know if you made the dialogue bad and obvious on purpose, but I saw the twist coming from a mile away. STOIC MERCHANT, and the over the top dialogue of the villagers before him, make me think you did it on purpose.

Some of the later villagers make it even more obvious, but I don't know if your plan was to make it obvious almost immediately.

This link leads to a restricted page.

Just to let you know, copyright is automatic.

Registering copyright helps you if someone steals TTC, and you decide to sue them. In that case, registering copyright helps you prove TTC is yours. Otherwise, registering copyright isn't neccessary as TTC is legally yours from the moment you created it.

And I think you shouldn't worry about things like that as you uploading it to internet before anyone else, and having all these devlogs is plenty of evidence it's yours.

Besides, it's unlikely someone will ever steal it as it's not really something they can profit from.

And I don't know if you know, but it can be downloaded only from here. On the game's page, it says the game is unavailable.

Seems like it could become an interesting battle system in the future. Needs some randomness, and the creature's ability to fight back. Seems to be hard-coded at the moment, but has a lot of potential to be something simple, yet interesting.

I have a piece of advice for you, however. Something I learned pretty much as soon as I uploaded the early version of my first game, which no longer exists. Never, ever let people's interest dictate whether you keep working on something or not. Because we're just some gamedevs with basically no audience. I uploaded my game in an early stage specifically to gather feedback. Nobody offered it. I didn't get offended or disappointed, but it surprised me, and I learned a lesson.

Even if you had a large audience, only a small part of them would care about this battle system beta, and out of those who cared, only a small part would actually go out of their way to comment and rate.

Same thing with Steam reviews and Youtube comments/likes/subscriptions. Only a very small portion of a game's user base actually leave a review, and you probably noticed some youtube creators talking about most of their viewers not being subscribed.

It's just the way things are. So, my advice is to just keep working on your things and slowly build up your audience to a decent number before you ask them to vote on whether you should work on something or not. Regardless of what people say, keep working on this battle system if YOU want to. If you think it's a lot of work compared to its benefits, then don't keep working on it. Put it on the back burner instead.

Now, I'm working on a small fishing game, also text-based. And I don't care if anyone wants to play it or not. I'll be uploading devlogs here and link them on Twitter. If it helps me gain some followers before the full release, good. If not, good again.

Just relax and don't worry about people liking or not liking things you work on. Keep working on them because YOU want to.

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Still missing SDL2.dll

I copied it from another Love2D game's folder, but you should still fix it.

I downloaded it. Doesn't want to run because it's missing a bunch of dll files and such.

This is amazing. Really fun.

When it comes to combining resources, you can easily guess the needed resources by the recipe's description. I also believe, but am not 100% sure at the moment, you unlock recipes as you gather the needed resources from the planets, so that's possibly another hint which resources are needed for which recipe.

Never thought I'd say this, but apparently well-designed and entertaining jumpscares exist.

Asteroids Escape community · Created a new topic Nice Game

This was a surprisingly fun way to kill a few minutes.

Okay, I have done most things in the new version, but I got stuck.

1. I have to get money and order the flowers online. I have no idea how to go about this. Is it even possible in the current version?

2. What's up with the squirrel thing? I caught it twice, and it said "You got me." and disappeared, but this doesn't seem to have an effect on anything. Or am I missing something here?

I didn't find any new bugs.

It seems like a good game so far. Thrasher took my party down, though. I was too tired to bother to properly prepare. Will definitely play more tomorrow.

Got stuck in the cat fight in the yard. Both the cat and the lobster have only a little bit of health left and apparently became immortal.

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I played this a bunch of times and didn't notice any bugs, untill now. The word to guess was empty. Zero letters.

EDIT: Some additional words in the dictionary would be cool. A bunch are not accepted.

maybe divide this into difficulty modes with less common words appearing in higher difficulty modes, because cruse, aerie and dryad.

There must be something wrong with itchio's notifications because I had no idea you replied until I randomly scrolled into the comments to see if anyone had made similar inquiries. Thanks for the answer.

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What effect does mastering a building have?

EDIT: Seems to make sure the building is unlocked from the beginning after you reboot, but I'm not sure.

Hey, man. Sorry to hear you are going through some trouble. Hold on in there, it'll get better.

I suggest you don't cancel it completely. Put it on hold, instead. And keep all the files and apps you use. That way you can return to development after a while, when you can and want.

In the meantime, get yourself a notebook and keep writing stories. There is a lot of potential in you. You just have to keep writing to develop your talent. Writing can also help you deal with rough times.

Good luck to you and your family, and I'm looking forward to the day when you return to itchio with a new version of TTC or a completely new story.

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I'm using Chrome.

Edit: Just tried the download. It indeed works. I'll come back once I have more free time.

I don't know any such places, unfortunately, except going to twitter or reddit and posting there.

What I very quickly discovered when I tried my hand at this is that it's relatively easy to reach people, but not people who care, and even among the people who care, only a very small portion will interact in the way of follows, likes, retweets, telling people about your game, offering feedback etc.

So, my advice is to just keep working on this regardless of the interest people show.

Since I'm here I'm going to tell you, I don't have much free time lately, but I do try to run every new version you publish. However, it doesn't run lately. I heard that error I get is about cookie settings, but I have never touched those and it happens with all sugarcube (if you made this with sugarcube) games made with the lastest twine versions here on itch. Harlowe stuff runs just fine, so I'm guessing it's something about the latest sugarcube version.

Can you maybe try putting the html file into the download section, so I can run it directly from my laptop? I vaguely remember someone suggesting something along the lines of this when I googled the error. It wasn't about a twine game I think, so I don't know if it'll work. If it does work, I'd let you know as soon as I can.

Love2D's GUI "functionality" is what turned me away from the framework, but I think I figured out how to make a simple button module to simplify the creation of buttons, so I'll probably be using it in the future.

On the screenshot with the map and the list of locations, the locations are in a scroll box. I think I know how I might create the scrollbar, but how did you force the location list to clip only to the scroll box without the images overflowing? Is that what set scissor does? I found that on the wiki in my research, but it's kinda confusing.

Thank you.

This is a really fun game. Great job.

When the boss is placing bricks, it sometimes places them over each other. I don't know if you intended this or they are supposed to lay in a grid. Just in case it's a bug, I decided to report it. Two bricks seemed to be in the same place and both of them broke just fine and properly, so it's not game-breaking.

A suggestion I have is to make hearts automatically add to health, without the player having to activate them like the other items. Because I got two hearts in a row really fast and one of them got wasted because I did not activate it fast enough.

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When I click "finish eating", it freezes for a few seconds and then continues. However, it continues in debug mode, so hat window in lower right pops up again. It also throws twelve errors. EDIT: I discovered it goes into debug mode as soon as it detects an error. So, it was the twelve errors that shot the game into debug mode.

EDIT: I found another bug, a big one. Your save feature actually doesn't work. The game can't be loaded.

This is the error message: I can't find a save slot named 'autosave'!I tried to save or load the game, but I couldn't do it.

Um, JKGH Studios, you do realize you replied to my comment from a year ago? A comment that is not posted in TTC:TNC community? This is the comment section for Make sure it's closed, not TTC:TNC.

I decided to give your game another play to see what you added in the latest release. It seems like you have released the debug version. In the lower right corner of the screen, there is a window with all the variables, error reports, and the source of individual passages etc. Sometimes, that window covers bits of text.


I was a little bit confused, as the Google result is mentioning both Flash and HTML5, and FAQ is only mentioning Flash for the free version. The main page seems to be updated properly, mentioning only HTML5.

Nice game.

Just a question. Was it made with the free or paid version of Stencyl?

Well, I don't think you could put much plot into something like this and keep the infinite cornucopia of adventures aspect. Maybe you could add a passage that's an intro where the player's reasons for being in the city and their goal are explained. Then, generate the ending passage based on the intro, instead of a simple player wins message. I don't see how else you could add more plot without diminishing the infinite aspect. The plot is just another victim of procedural generation.

Now, I was about to explain the loop and remembered. It works as a loop only if the player forgets what choice they picked when they get represented with the same choice again and accidentaly pick the same option. Otherwise it loops only once and you can proceed normally after the encounter. Sorry about that. My mistake. I just wasn't thinking properly.

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So, I left this comment on Reddit, but upon paying more attention to your post, it seems like you want feedback here on itch. Here's the copy-paste of the comment.

I played through a few of them. They are all kinda the same, which is to be expected with procedural generation, so I don't see that as a negative. It was weird at first that there were no coded stats and items, but your goal is to generate PDFs, so this is also acceptable.

My biggest gripe is that there is no plot to any of them. Sometimes "the intended route" is mentioned, but I have no idea what my intended route is or why I'm in the city at all. All the main stuff is just a series of markets and crossroads until the player wins, with a string of random events thrown in. Again, I can see why there is no plot and just a bunch of random events instead, but I can't say I liked any of them. Also, too many sudden deaths/fails for no reason and with no warning.

I also found an infinite loop in one of them.

Generally speaking, I like the idea of it. Needs some work, but you're onto something here. If you mproved the random events, it'd be much better.

Edit: To clarify, a potentially infinite loop. I don't remember whether it depends  on the player choice only or there is some randomness involved.

The courtyard can probably be fixed with a boolean that changes the passage after the first visit.

Book-publishing industry in my country is silly, to put it nicely, so I turned towards foreign lands, and found a good small press yesterday. Their next submission window opens on an unknown date after 2022 ends. I'll be spending most of my free time until then writing a novel.

I refuse to cancel the game, however, and it will definitely come out one day. When it does, I'll send you a link so you can include it, just don't expect anything any time soon as progress will be very slow.