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Hello there DragonRuby friends!

I'm doing a beginners friendly tutorial series about this awesome tool on patreon

You will have access to detailed instructions about how to do UI elements and games

give them a look here

Thank you all :D

Can you join our discord community? maybe we can help you over there

It is my first time using the software to export to mac, I don't own any ios products and I can't test it myself, I'll speak with a friend with a mac and let you know, thank you for letting me know

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Can't believe nobody told me before! lol, I'll fix it now, thank you :D

Do you have OSX 10.7 or higher?

Thank you :D

I just updated the mac version, should be fine now :D

Thank you, I have plans to add infinite worlds and more content ^_^

Con la nueva version solo necesitas descomprimirlo y ya podras jugar :D

You will be able to buy items, upgrades and temporal buffs in the future :D

Nice video! thank you for playing :D

Still a lot of things on the way, I'll try to release a weekly update :D

Thank you for letting me know :D, here you have

Hi there c0rbn,

glad you like it!, feel free to post here any suggestions you have or join our community if you want to have a chat with us.

Take care :D

There's a short invulnerable time after being hit, please note that the game is an alpha demo with just the core mechanics, is not balanced and far from be finished.

Thanks for playing

Glad you like it! :D, the game is far from be finished, but I'll think about it, thank you

If you can not open it with just double click is because of the windows configuration, not because of the game, in the release version I'll include a .exe file

The game is far from be finished, is just an alpha demo with the core mechanics, many things are going to change and improve in the future.

Thank s for playing :D

Wow nice gameplay! thank you for playing :D

Because is inspired on Doom, doesn't mean I want to do it exactly like it :D

Have you read the description before download it?

Is a "prototype" and still in development

Glad you like it, if you enjoy playing doom and rpg elements, I'm sure you will like the final result :D

Just uploaded a new version that fix the problem, should be fine now, thank you for letting me know :D

I can make it compatible with a controller but, I want to focus the game for android and not for desktop

Try to use the cmd console, just go to the Doomgeon.jar folder and write: java -jar Doomgeon.jar

There's nothing to do jet rather than walk, attack or jump, the game still in development 😁

Thanks for letting me know, I'll fix it soon


Thanks to google translate, I can see you want more info, isn't it?

It's all over there, in the links provided

It's funny that you want more info and you just post one word, and not even in English lol

Thanks for playing tho :D

Feel free to do it if you want to, let me know if you do to join there :D

I'm working in another game right now but, I have plans to add more things to tinicraft like, infinite worlds, animal, bed... close to the same content as minecraft ^^

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That is really kind!, for now, I have plenty of stuff to work with, maybe in the future I can drop a suggestion with a nice donation! :D

Thank you for the spikes! They looks amazing in 3d

Thank you for this awesome sprites! I'm working on a 3d game with them, you can check it here If I manage to finish it and make profit, I'll share some with you :D

It is possible, all depends if the game is profitable or not, maybe in the future :D

The jar file should open if you give it exec privileges, if not, you can always use the terminal, just write 'java -jar Tinicraft.jar' while on it's path

To play on linux you need Java to be installed

I'm using llibgdx, I'm working in another project right now, if this game get a decent amount of players, I'll add more content to it

To put a door you need to put the floor between two walls and put it over it