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Thanks for playing the game! if you could send  a screenshot/video  to me of how you managed that to , it would be really appreciated.

Thanks for the feedback, its really helpful to get opinions back like this. The game is still in development, and one of the things we are continuing to work on is the fluidity of the swinging. Be sure to check out later updates of the game too, as when we change things like this we like to get people to test them.

Hi, have played your game and I have some feedback to share:

  • The sounds, particle effects and rigged sprite make this game feel alive and pretty cool.
  • The game looks really nice, but you need to make sure that the animations are synced properly as it is quite jarring
  • The gravity seems far too high, and I miss a lot of jumps.
  • I found that my introduction with the enemy was not strong enough, I was not forced to use my sword, it just fell in the hole
  • I want to be able to open the chest at the top, I spent a lot of time getting there, but was not rewarded.  I think overall your game should feel more rewarding for completing sections of it
  • Looking forward to playing some more content, keep it up :)

Another great one! Love the commentary

Your video looks great, thanks for making it. I like the sound the frog makes when you stick to things!

Thanks a lot! We post about our updates on Twitter mainly: Check out and for all that stuff! 

Thanks for the video! Will let you know when V0.2 is up, we realised the last section is too hard :)

This is a lot of fun, ramps well! Would like it if the levels started for me instead of having to hit the red bal.

Thanks for the feedback!