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oh ok thank you!

lol me too

Ok thank you! I hope to play your game eventually C:

I play on laptop without a mouse and I can't progress the game because I can't scroll, are there any alternatives? 

I'm sleepy maddy and if you got my gift then I truly meant what I said, I love you<<3

Although it's short this game hit really close to home and made me feel really stressed buuuut I did like it!

I'm not sure if my computer just sucks but this game wouldn't load at all?? I would love to play it though since it seems awfully cute!

I hope whoever my messages reached, it made them happy <33

Oh my this game is actually extremely difficult!! It's unlike most rhythm games I've played and I love it. Sadly I only made it to 4 though (because I suck) but I'd love to see more games like this one!