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A member registered Sep 28, 2019

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Hello! I bought Fear & Hunger game on Steam after seeing a few Let's Play of it; even though I'd already watched every ending before I started playing it, I ended up being so fascinated by the game that I've been playing through it for awhile now!

1. I wanted to join the Discord server, but it looks like the links I've found are expired, and the main link above doesn't seem to actually let me join it. Could you post a new link, or a new invite?

2. I've been very impressed by your ability to create a game that prominently features taboo, shocking and extreme subject matter, but never comes off as exploitative, "edgy", or fetishistic. This may sound like a bizarre compliment, but I just wanted to let you know that I think you've managed to handle very sensitive subject-matter with remarkable maturity; your game never feels voyeuristic, and the shocking material never comes off as senseless snuff. I think a big part of that is the fact that you've clearly spent a lot of time detailing the lore of a place where depravity and horror feel like natural extensions of the atmosphere.

3. Fear & Hunger's world seems vivid and fleshed-out with lore; I've noticed some vague similarities between your game and the work of R. Scott Bakker, specifically his "Prince of Nothing" series, and I was curious about what works/games inspired you while you were conceiving and creating Fear & Hunger? (If you haven't read the "Prince of Nothing" series and you enjoy ultra-dark low-fantasy, I'd strongly recommend checking in out.)

Based on how much I'm enjoying Fear & Hunger, you're one of the game creators I'm most excited about in 2019; I'm really excited for Fear & Hunger: Termina, but make sure to take care of yourself so that you don't burn out!

Thanks for your time!