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I think if this is a game you really want to keep developing you should but you will need to have a large fan base.  So yes if you want to continue developing this for a long time. but in a way I think you will need to work up to it.

P.s I think this game is a lot of fun and has a lot of potential.

Is this on steam and if not are you planning on trying to get it to be available on steam?

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I am having the same problem and all the buttons are red too. I have changed settings and stuff and gotten it to work but when I relog it is dark again. When I hit reset it fixes and I change settings and everything works and looks normal. Graphic settings isn't actually the problem because they dont fix it unless I reset them all. Also in update 0.0.72 the mirror is super glitched and messed up. I have found that the mirror is sometimes messed up or is perfectly fine. Another thing I have realized is you can reset graphics to fix everything but once you relog it will need to be done all over again in order to see. I know the creator had a fix for this but I think that it shouldnt have to have a fix and is a big problem. I dont want to use the fix every time I relog and I dont think anyone else does either.


I didn't realize that but now I think I understand so thanks for letting me know!

I really enjoy this game!

like a city generator?

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I think that there should be an external website or an in game way to post maps that you create so everyone can use them and there should also be a way to download maps other people created and posted.

ok thanks!

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i'm buying new hull

There are way to many bugs and the one that I think is most important is when you try to buy ship hulls the game crashes.

I also noticed that you cant save a game once you create it.

I am using windows 10 if that is important information