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You can at any time tell us or any other friends or people any ideas for their games or the community here. you can also tell us ideas to improve our Game Jam.

Thanks for your comment.

Unfortunately, the game's development state is very very early, and many features aren't there.

we are planning on adding more exciting features in the future. check the  game sooner for exciting content.

it reminds me of Dani. maybe you copied him, but your bad game is better than his worse bad game.

i need artists.

Run the .apk, it is like the .exe executable from windows.

wow that was really cool

wow that was really cool

Here in this topic you are allowed to reply any idea  you find it is interesting for the game.

Feel free to tell me any bugs you find.

Thanks, i will try to use them in my unity game Ed Kami Pro Runner.

1 month passed and no updates? It is already march.

(1 edit)

hmm, didn't changed after January? This is weird.

I will test the game now which I rooted and resented now, it may work.

Edit: looks like something created that lag. It works perfectly now. By the way, how many developers you got? I may assist you in bugs if I find, same as developing if possible but not scripting.

help I cant play. I mean I can, but it lags like hell.

I use s9+ and I didn't lag in the older version. 

Good performance, and never happened to other games (unless sandbox ones creating lot of things)

it lags like hell for me. When I enter  a level, it starts being unplayable.

I use s9+ 

I played many other sort of games and it worked fine.

Also, the pistons are bad, if you put finger at the head, it just instantly moves out.

Hopefully you soon add a star system and maybe settings with graphic (in case).

Also, I got the idea to add editor, and so, launch small updates every week just for bugs and new features without resetting level.

I know that a developer does hard work, and being paid will make him be able to advance, so, maybe for March 30, maybe publish it on Google play and add an ad which make sure you will put the name on it, so that they wont steal you. I seen many ads made from small reactions from youtubers.

Loot it! community · Created a new topic S9+ performance

The older update before February it worked without lag.

Now, in february, it lags like hell.

Since new levels are added, I believe it is the cause of working levels in background, so please don't let levels hide in background, because I think the phone will load all that graphics and ruin fps.

Didn't tested all levels because of that much lag. Also, add version names like li.feb2020 to remind the current version.

Li means loot it, while feb2020 is the date.