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OddBird Studio

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Thanks! We are glad to hear you liked it. You can actually create your own Executive Orders in the game since it just pulls from a spreadsheet. We will be adding instructions soon for this process. =)

Sorry for the very delayed reply. We're unlikely to add keyboard and mouse support to this version of the game. We are currently working on a full version of the game, and that one will have keyboard and mouse support but it won't be released until 2017.

Great to hear! Thanks for the kind words. =)

That is great feedback thank you for letting us know! We are currently developing a single player wave based mode that, you can see more on our Twitter if you would like @oddbirdstudio. =) We will play around with the slow-mo timing and play test further. Thanks for checking the game out!

Thanks so much! If you want to keep an eye out for new art posts, we put everything to both our Twitter and Facebook pages. =)

Glad to hear you liked the game! We will be releasing the full version of the game in early 2017, so keep in touch for all updates. =)

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No worries at all. Sadly our current controls do not transition well to mouse and keyboard. It is something we are actively looking into, but at the current time we only support controllers. That being said we do support a wide variety of controllers including Steam, Xbox 360/One, PS3/4 and most logitech controllers. So hopefully you will still be able to try the game out.

Thank you,

OddBird Studio team

Replied to LupeTheMLG in Bug Reports
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Hey! We are sorry you have been experiencing some troubles downloading the game. I was just hoping I could ask a couple questions to make sure we can accurately determine the issue you are having. Have you been able to download the game successfully? If so, is it not supporting the type of controller you are playing with?

The game currently does not support mouse and keyboard controls, but supports a wide variety of controllers. Just let us know when you get a moment and we will make sure we get the issue resolved as fast as possible. =)

Thank you,

OddBird Studio team

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Hey, have you found a bug? Leave a post here, or up vote a post about a bug you've had. Any images/videos and context you can provide is greatly appreciated!