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I tend to run random games on a secluded machine, which I currently do not have access to, as a result I'm unable to check the name of the file. Did not look too closely at the name, nor the path and location of the so called "mysterious and rare file" by Avast as I was more concerned about the initial security step for my own sake, and to get a picture of the name to more easily distribute. Upon the next step, it did however just call the file "ThisGrandLife.exe", which I deemed to be a result of the file being ran by it.

I checked back on the file at a later point, with hopes of Avast having finished their checks, but they were still checking. I'll have to check back tomorrow and see what happens. Seeing as I keep files as independent from each other as possible and run protective settings on max, it might just be a case of oversensitiveness, or as you say, the first time the file has ever been seen by Avast. :)

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So, I wanted to play this game as it seems like something I would enjoy. However upon attempting to boot the .exe supplied by the zip Windows SmartScreen blocked the program. Since I've generally found SmartScreen to be... ...Overprotective, I set it to run either way. I expected to have no issues and to be enjoying the game within a minute. No. Avast went nuts. Analyzing the file up and down, and then it found a very mysterious file. The file was automatically sent to Avasts own database for a scan, however this was supposedly going to take 82 minutes, something I do not have per this moment.

As a result I'd warn against running the game without as sufficient Anti-Virus, or after I am capable of getting a result from Avast/response from Developer regarding the "rare and mysterious file", as Avast so well put it.


Avast finished their reports and the file is deemed fully secure. :)

Should also be noted that the game is definetively worth checking out. ;)