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I didn't have an awful lot of time to work on it this weekend, so it wouldn't surprise me if there are a few issues.

What kind of score are you reaching when it tends to crash, do you know? :)

Thanks  ^_^

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you liked the game :)

Healing is much faster in the update that I am currently working on :)

I'm currently wondering about grid based movement, but a lot of the ideas I plan to implement later might not work well with a grid based movement system.... we shall see

Thanks for the feedback ^_^

Yeah, level 2 is certainly too big a jump. In fact I would argue that there needs to be many level between it and the first level. I plan to fix this soon :)

My basic idea when I started was to make hearts do as many things as possible. Currency was one of the things I came up with, but the issue there is you'd need something to buy and healing hearts couldn't be automatic anymore :)

The collision is handled automatically by the game engine and I have little to no clue how to improve it, unfortunately. I'm looking into it though :)
Thanks for playing ^_^

Thankyou very much for playing ^_^

Grid based movement is being considered..... but I'm still not sure. I'd like to avoid it if I can..... 
Level 2 has a lot of issues and you'll be happy to know that I'll be doing the level design from scratch when I revisit this ^_^

I am caught between partly wanting to have hundreds of tiny levels and partly wanting to turn this into a metroidvania. I think I might make a metroidvania where each little puzzle fits on the screen, but they are all part of a much larger scale puzzle. What do you think to that.
I thought a lot about grid based movement and I'm still not sure..... but I'm not sure how else to improve movement and collision....ideally (thinking about the direction many of my ideas are going in) I think I want to avoid grid based movement? maybe?.... We'll see.
Glad you liked the game though :)

Modular arithmetic! Is someone a maths fan or did you just pick this concept at random without realizing what it was? :)

Now, the first game is what you are being judged on and that game has .... a fair few issues. I've been studying modular arithmetic at university for 2 years and although I understood what everything was meant to be and how it worked I was still basically just guessing (and really straining my eyes to look at those thin colors)

I've only played the new version really briefly, but WOW is it an improvement. The fancy UI bits are beyond helpful to your game. I've never seen such an extreme example of UI changing a game. Well done indeed :) I'll get back to the puzzles now :)


Lucky you. This is the only non-browser game I have rated in this jam. 

The concept itself was interesting. I liked it quite a lot but as always there are places this could be improved and I think you'll gain more from me pointing out those things (you already know what makes you like this game) :).

Firstly, the level design can be a tad confusing at times. I sometimes ended up in random rooms of fire which didn't seem to have much reason for existing. Perhaps these were here to make the levels feel bigger or to add a tiny bit of exploration? In that case, next time you should try to come up with subtle clues as to which way might be the right way and the dead end areas should have something slightly different about them (blue fire? A tree? A joke of some kind?) just to make it feel a little more interesting :)

The other main thing would be that this game needs a few more mechanics. Lava? Jumping flames? (see mario) A second box summoned with z in certain situations? Different types of boxes in different areas? (wood box that burns? metal box which conducts electricity? Plastic box which floats in water? Spiked block which can kill enemies? That kinda thing) Just a few other things to make it feel less like an endless hallway of the same thing over and over. Adding things like this could introduce a slight puzzle aspect. 

Lastly, the mechanic of summoning the box. Sometimes it is summoned on the left. Sometimes on the right. Whilst I can imagine how this came to be, at times it almost seems random it it's by far the most frustrating aspect of the game. A part of me kept wishing it would spawn below me if I jumped. I kept trying even though I was already aware it wouldn't work. Not quite sure why, but it felt like that's where the box should naturally appear. Maybe you could add that in? It gives a great deal more reliability to where the box will appear and as this would happen only when the player is jumping, you'd never have to worry about it spawning in a wall or something. 

I'd love to see you develop this further. It has potential :)

Once the game jam is over I will fix that :)

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Yeah, I'll be working on that for the next few weeks :) but I'm not updating anything till voting is over (not even movement speed). I have a long list of things to fix and I can't wait to upload an updated version where all those things are fixed ^_^

Level 2 is probably the worst as far as design goes. 3 and 4 are a lot shorter and 4 has a gun ^_^

Oh!!! I seee! That is an issue :/ Thanks for showing me ^_^

Thankyou for such an incredibly in depth comment ^_^ I've had someone speak about the key problem before. You don't actually need to restart, but what you do need to do is a little unclear. If you shoot, you can clear your inventory of keys (in doing so you send each key back to the place where it was originally collected) and then you are free to collect the keys in the right order. This mechanics is perhaps a little unclear. Ive made a note, so when I revisit this game, I will look into a way of showing this to the player.  I think that will require a crafty bit of level design ... we shall see.

I'm very glad you liked it and if you have any other ideas I'm all ears :D

Ah! There's the issue. I never made it clear enough in the game, but if you lose a key it reapawns where you originally found it :)

It's possible I missed something, but I tried to make sure that there was always a way to escape a room or regain a key. Often it's a case of losing health to get through a door or two or losing health to drop a key (so that you can pick them up in a different order) :). 

Well this was heart warming. Thankyou very much :) Did you manage to get through all the levels?

Thanks for playing ^_^ Did you give each level a go? (there's a level select feature if you wish to skip).  I've been thinking about your feedback for a while and wondering "why is everyone saying the movement is slow? Seems fast to me... Any faster and I run into things". I understand now. I forgot to normalise the diagonal motion, so my habit of moving diagonal has been making me faster.  I've also been playing with a small screen whilst everyone has been playing with fullscreen (which again makes it feel slower).  I've tried in fullscreen and my god it's horrendous I feel you aren't going diagonal.  I'll be sure to fix that when I revisit this! ADDED TO THE LIST!! ^_^

Thanks for the feedback. I'm very much a puzzle person. This wasn't actually originally meant to be a puzzle, but once I'd made the basic mechanics I didn't have long to make levels, so it either had be an action game with no action or a puzzle game. I'll probably add a little more of other genres as I develope the idea later, but there'll always be a bit of puzzle in there :)

A very good suggest. It's something I didn't really consider till after I've submitted it. The pace of the game definitely needs improving.