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Thanks you!

Hello everyone! We are glad to present you our game in the early access! Try demo for free:

An adventure puzzle game with a story!

This game is about the brave adventurer Archaeologist John, who explores ancient ruins all around the world. You will see a series of fascinating puzzles - clamping plates, closed doors, teleports and death traps make the entangled mazes even more difficult.

You will need full power of your intellect to collect all the treasures and find the ancient artifacts before the insidious villain Hans von Typischerbösewicht!


  • Braincracking puzzles - for those who know how to work with his head, not with the spinal cord.
  • Rare gameplay - the character can move vertically or horizontally, but only from wall to wall at a time. For those who are tired of the endless clones of clones of clones and dreams of trying something new.
  • Adventure story - humorous comments of the protagonist will not let you get bored and rest after another intense level.
  • Locations around the world - search for treasures in deserts of Egypt, explore the ruins of medieval Europe. There is different scenery, different story and different reward in each chapter.
  • All the sceneries are hand painted and detailed with love.

Current development state:

  • 44 levels in two chapters! Each final level in the chapter has a unique mechanics.
  • Dashing plot, three heroes and more than 250 phrases of dialogues, from funny to incredibly serious.
  • A lot of Easter eggs and references to other games and modern culture.
  • 8 completely different interactive puzzles and dozens of their combinations in labyrinths up to 28x28 cells.
  • And there is a 'Battle royale'! Has anyone ever seen a 'Battle royale' in a puzzle game?