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Great game! Loved the art!

So much fun! Very challenging, but it felt great to finally get the pattern down and be able to get through the level! Great job man!

Such an amazing concept!! I loved the idea of it starting from just words on a screen to a game with plenty of mechanics. I think the dash could have been a little shorter, as I found myself unintentionally dashing right into a pit a lot. The boss fight was really fun! I couldn't manage to beat it, but I think it was a really cool idea for a boss.  The attack and dash buttons where a bit hard to use when moving with WASD, but it the arrows worked fine!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve gotten a few other people to say something like that, and I’m confident I can improve! Thanks again.

Great job man! The controls flt really good, and I really liked the idea of having different mask choices. However, I found a glitch that made it so it would continuously  fade in and out for a while, before sending me back to the start screen.  I loved the art though, and thought it looked great! 

Very fun to play, great job. I love how it plays, and i think it fits the theme very well. I think there could have been a little diversity when it came to enemies, and i think adding more weapons that could be unlocked later on would have been cool. Really great game overall, and is really fun to play! 

I really liked this one! It was fun to see what little things i could make. Even for how short it is, it tells a really nice story.  The little glitch running around the screen added a little more excitement too! Although, I think there could have been something that made the game harder as you got farther, like adding a second glitch to run around or something like that. This was a really fun game!