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I love the diverse set of characters, the art, and the voice casting. I'm not sure if it's intended, but I found some humorous moments here and there, such as Kitsune's gentle voice contrasting with what she's saying. ("You can't get rid of me that easily." "I like him. Can we keep him?") And it's pretty cool how Sabre's not only flirtatious, but very merchant-like as well. His sales hooks killed me.

(Also, I'm shipping multiple characters lol. Amaris with Kitsune, Kitsune with Sabre, Sabre with the MC, the MC with Lucas. Probably the only ones I don't ship are Amaris with Sabre/Lucas.)

I love the art, the music, and the voice acting!

I also noticed that you did a little bit of self-/team evaluation in your Dev Log. I'm not sure how often other devs do that, since the logs I read tend to be about updates, but regardless, that's really commendable of you. Welcome to game dev-ing and hope to hear more from your team~

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What did you think of Bee as a narrator?

I recognize her as what literature teachers call an "unreliable narrator" because of her internalized homophobia. It does not make me dislike her, though. 

What was your favorite ending?

FanFiction.Net. Probably because I'm a bit of a writer myself and related to the "find someone who understands me through my writing" part. 

Any other questions/feedback?

The art caught my attention while I was doing my "scour Itch for the latest VNs" session. 

I also liked the glossary bit, since I decided to collect VNs that offer deliberate cultural glimpses. It's nice to find one from my own country.

The writing is also pretty good. It feels more deliberate than other VN scripts. 

It was a little hard to get into the anime bits, though. Maybe write less in "complete" sentences in order to convey Bee's emotions? I find her reactions to the anime more important to the story and easily more engaging compared to her narration of the anime. 

I appreciate your treatment of Bee's sexuality in the context of a conservative culture. Sensitive but from the perspective of someone who's affected by the culture herself.

I consider this game to have a good replay value. A number of the endings have to do with being "out". While repetitive, they're far from redundant. They emphasize a point and I think players like me could see the point clearly: The concern of getting "outted" without your consent is recurrent. They're everyday situations with high stakes. 

Ahh, that makes sense! Sorry, I tend to be slow on details. New to sci-fi haha.

Yay for human, not-mole Alto~

Have you looked for Locked Heart? Simpler story and fewer characters, but still gives the same vibes as Cinderella Phenomenon. (Dicesuki was also a creator of it, but it's enlisted on a different creator page in Itch.)

Hey devs! Played Cinderella Phenomenon a few months age (it's awesome) and while looking for more VNs months later I found Locked Heart. I just wanted to know that you've got branding, because even if I only remembered why "Dice" sounded so familiar later on, I realized from the art and the spin on fairy tales that Locked Heart was also from you. And I'm not just deconstructing. Realizing the similarities came later. While playing Locked Heart, I really felt as if I was in the same universe as Cinderella Phenomenon. It's that sort of atmosphere that made me ask myself why it was so familiar. Anyway, you guys rock.

Up-voting just because I appreciate it when people are honest about the stuff they like. While some persons who don't like certain tropes probably have fair reason to (plenty of exposure to the trope), the more controlling of these persons forget that people come from different vantage points, have different and valid tastes, and that the persons who dislike a trope may have been surprised by how the trope was used once upon a time. (I'm not referring to anyone on this page, it's just something I notice elsewhere.)

I am very lucky indeed!! (Made a separate comment for fan-ing. Just finished three endings.)

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Just got three endings so far and here are my thoughts...

I enjoyed playing the game. I recognize the art style (the sprites, specifically,) as similar to the one in Pretender's Guild, just without the hatching, and it showed me how you were able to adapt the art style to the genre. (TPG was, for me, a bit rural/oriental, if that makes sense, so I found the hatching and the" traditional art" look go with the music and Ash and Paris' rural background. Mnemonic Devices, on the other hand, looks urban, because of the "digital art" look thanks to relatively thick brushes and fine contour lines, which I don't associate with traditional paintings. So each art style, for me, is fitting for wherever the story is set in, which is pretty cool.)

I also noticed that the character faces in the sprites became rounder, and as usual, the outfits are great~

[Beware of SPOILER ALERTS from now on:]

My favorite character has to be Alto. I really found Ceasar sweet, and even got the  ending where he goes with Quinn. But when I went through Alto's route, I just found his bond with Quinn as deeper. I'm not usually one for tsundere-ish characters (which is why I liked Ceasar first) but... damn, THAT BLUSH KILLED ME! Game changer. Alto is very very fine~ (I'm half-kidding. More on why I love Alto later.)

For what could be improved.... I'm not sure if it HAS to be clarified, but I was a little confused at first because I thought Alto was ALSO an android. Not sure if it's because I played the game weeks after I read the character descriptions here on Itch, but yeah. I ended up thinking that Alto was a cold-hearted android, and that the thing he said about Quinn being more human than most was Alto not wanting Quinn to live like a human. (Of course, I'm mistaken. I love Alto now.)

My favorite part is the scene/s where Alto said that he liked Quinn regardless of the body Quinn was put in. It was a MAJOR whoa moment for me, because I've never been one to understand how a human could love an AI. I don't know, Quinn just felt very human for me. It made me think that even if an AI's personality is programmed, originally, the AI's decisions henceforth are still the AI's own. (I mean, same goes for humans. A  person can decide to do something they wouldn't usually do. And even if some people would say that that decision is a part of character development and therefore inevitable, I beg to differ because the person could just decide to not do anything and let things happen instead of choosing between character-defining options.) I don't know, I think this whole AI love thing is a mix of a love story that transcends body types, time, memory. 

(And that is why Alto is even more amazing for me because in the Ceasar route I got, Alto still helped them escape even if, theoretically, he could just get Syn to forever place Quinn in Alto's comband, maybe even erase Quinn's memories and feelings for Ceasar. Alto was treating Quinn like a person, rather than a "pocket girlfriend" (or  pocket boyfriend or partner).... But yeah, I still don't know who the mole Quinn talked about is, and I could only gather so little information from the available memories. But I'm crossing my fingers and hope that Alto won't break my heart in the other endings/timelines.)

Alright! Following now. Hooray for updates~

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Great game! Definitely one I can see myself playing for a month or so. My only problem was this bug (see image). At first, pressing F5 solved the problem, and I was able to play for about an hour, then the same bug came up again. It was okay for a few minutes then after that, it kept reuccuring no matter what I do: be it challenge my students, leave the dojo, or clean up rocks. If you're still working on this I hope you can resolve this bug. This was a pretty good game and I look forward to more of it. My character and my students all made it to level 4 by Day 25.

Really like the art and music

Congrats, SweetChiel! For the bundle and also for Spring haha

Awesome. I'll look forward to it! 

Hi Devs! Are the poly scenes to be unlocked later or can we see them as early as the festival? 

I already tried out all of the non-poly routes. Amazing game so far! 

Yay, go Minyan and team! Am I lucky it's not finished yet (cuz I won't have access on my computer for a while) or am I unlucky it's not finished yet (cuz I liked Arena Circus and super-liked Pretender's Guild)?

I like how the choices shape the character's personality. The format is also interesting as it is different from the format of other VNs.

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I wouldn't recommend commenting on the game page of the other royalty-related VN, because it will be unfair to that VN and its creators. But there has been a discussion about reaching out to that other VN's team here, in order to get to Agashi: 

Look for the comments by ilurk, hiraeth_maiden, Answerless, Asakti, and L M.

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I can't answer for the creator, nor can I placate the feelings of the fans who paid for QC, but finishing a writing project (and an interactive, multimedia one at that) is really tough. I know: ideally, creators should know their limits so as to avoid making promises they might not be able to keep. However, that assumes that creators know their limits, or that there will never be factors that change their current capacity to deliver. 

If Agashi/Lee simply didn't know her limits at first, then I won't fault her for it. Nonetheless, some of the fans who paid want some sort of accountability, even if it be mere updates. Making mistakes is okay, but not making up for it might not be. Feelings like guilt, shame, and self-deprecation are not what the fans truly want from the creator. They want the game back. They need a response.


With regards to the creator taking up a story consultant role for the other VN, I will not take it against the creator. Sometimes, juggling WIPs really is better than a total writing block; it's natural and writers' lives don't revolve around writing anyway, no matter what they say. But as for why there are no updates for a BACKED game, my fingers are crossed that the creator will overcome whatever it is that's been hindering the her from making updates.

Really appreciating this work of art. Finds a way to deconstruct more complex sentiments into basic ones, through flowers. 

Agashi is apparently serving as a story consultant in another in-development royalty-related visual novel on I know this because the game page of that other visual novel links to this very same Agashi's account. 

But since a significant population of the fans of Queen's Crown have been disappointed with the lack of updates on QC, I hesitate to mention the title of that other visual novel here, to avoid dragging that other visual novel and its team with something that's, so far, is only about Agashi and QC. 

For anyone curious, however, you can find out what that visual novel is by looking at the visual novels I listed in my library on my profile, as that visual novel is currently not listed in Agashi's creator page.

Thanks a lot! Finally met Lilith! :D The story keeps getting interesting!

I hate to be posting such a generic comment (I really like the game so far, I just lose often so I haven't progressed much and can say anything substantial) but...

How do you save files?

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The art is amazing and got me to check this visual novel out. I'm also highly interested in how their poly romance will play out, as VNs tend to branch into different routes that have mono romance (not really sure what to call it).  

I think I've played a VN that had a reverse harem ending and another with a trio ending but neither story didn't really reflect the relationship dynamics prior to the plot's resolution. Based on what's written here about Floret Bond having "multiple varieties of poly romance to develop between them" and the inevitable closeness that comes with Krishin and Gata's bond, I'm guessing two things... first being that Krishin and Gata's relationship with each other and not just with Peony will develop and second being that the development will be found in the story and not just at the very end.... I could be wrong, but either way, it would be nice to read a romance story with the current set-up, a bit of variety from romanceable characters hogging the MC away from the others after the common route.... I'm actually fond of their dynamics so far. Gata's motives pique my interest, while Krishin is that awkward yet adorable character.

The only thing I found jarring with the VN is the text box format. It's very much flushed left so it feels very far away from the graphics at the right (at least to me and lorulewaifu, another commenter here earlier). I'd have to tear my eyes away from reading to check for any changes in the character sprites or whatever's in the right panel.... Although it does give off a sort of storybook appeal, I'm thinking that Floret Bond would benefit from following the more common text-at-the-bottom format, since it will also allow the artists to boast of the fantasy world landscape in which the story is set. The squarish space allowed by the current format doesn't really show off as much. 

I guess you're working on other VNs now but hopefully the feedback helps for when you get back to FB. Good luck, by the way. I played XOXO Droplets too. Shiloh is adorable but I guess the MC is more on guard than I am haha. It was fun.

Until now, I've stuck with free VNs and demos of commercial ones. But after this game, I wouldn't mind them being commercial. At least, not Lucid9. I probably won't be able to afford it at once, but I'd be willing to wait and save just to support the creators. The writing was pretty good!

I, too, tend to play VNs with female protagonists and found this amazing. It's probably number two of my three most favorite VNs ever (maybe number one if I get around to re-playing the current number one and finding out if my opinions change). It'd also be great if the second part is free, but it's so rare to see this much quality that, for myself, I'd consider saving up for the sequels.  I really hope the team behind this is doing alright. I can't believe this is two years old!!

This... this is really great. The pacing was good, as the writing and music must have been. Even though we are provided an idea of what the plot is like, it's still unexpected. The psychological aspects are great, too. Are there any updates from the team making this? I'm awe-struck that this is over two years old and yet I've missed it.

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It's great to hear that the creators enjoy creating! :) I'll look forward to the future chapters, then. Break a leg.

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The point of this post is to say that I really enjoyed playing. The choices clearly have implications and stakes, implied by such. craftful. wording!!! I wanted to play til the end, forgetting it was a demo. 

I'm usually biased towards otome games, but here the story's interesting to the point that I didn't worry about getting the "right" responses to gain affection points for any romanceable character. 


I'm still undecided who to focus on if ever I do follow a romance-oriented playthrough, since they're all attractive in their own ways. 

The first one I chose was Emry, finding it fun later to make a big deal about his surprise at the MC's dressing gown, but I guess part of why I can focus on the emotional responses to him is because I think being the MC's former tutor and all, he's trustworthy and won't put my queendom at risk.

  • ...Now that I think about it, the romanceable characters here are introduced in a not-so-otome manner. I might be misremembering, but I feel as if otoge usually find a way to make it obvious who's romanceable. In Queen's Crown, I could infer who is, but the game definitely does not feel like an otome game primarily. I'd say it's something like a strategy game first? It works, though. Ruling is serious business.... I guess I really might end up with Emry in the full game...'s first playthrough. (Yeah, I usually play all routes in otoge.)

I apparently amused Mr. Tattoo Guy (I'll edit this later, I forget names) and got his temporary farewell CG, but it wasn't intentional. Hey, I find him attractive too, it's just that I'm not sure it's Good For The Queendom. He was rather eccentric so I stepped out of character for a bit, thinking that continuing my serious behavior isn't going to get me on good terms with him... only I may have overdone it. Not that I'm complaining! I just didn't think I wouldn't not go through Emry's route.

I didn't know what to think of Mr. Redhead or how to act around him. In some other otoge, awkward characters typically blush or whatever (not that I expect that so early on here, ehem) plus he seemed to be visiting the palace against his will or something, so I kinda forgot he's romanceable too and assumed he hated me or considered me an enemy or a threat.

The younger knight would easily have stolen my inclination for Emry, but there seems to be something between him and Lady... (why am I so forgetful with names) and I'm not sure I'd want to get in the middle of that... except as someone to tease them.

Anyway, I wanna be a great queen but it seems I'm subject to when I can get the full game. I don't mind waiting on it, though~

I admit I'm more of a slowly-paced plot kind of reader/player, but I really liked this VN. The characters were all interesting, names and character designs suiting them well without making them predictable or flat.  I like the combination of dialogue/action choices, roaming around, avatar customization, and time limits during battles, cool programming. (This is very very different from other VNs I've played; it makes me realize how VNs usually carry the characters and the reader/player through the setting, only giving player autonomy when it's time to make a decision, the pace otherwise the same without time limits... the inconsequential customization lets me breathe as a reader/player, too.) Graphics are nice, as are the writing and music... which never seemed to have awkward transitions

Overall, I've really enjoyed this game. Thank you for it! The rest of this post is just what I think about the characters and answers to your guide questions.


1. See above for overall thoughts.

2. Is how the suspense's justifying Aldrich's optimism considered a part? Looking back, I'm amazed how the stakes and time limit made their victories realistic... In static stories, it usually feels "of course things will turn out okay, they're the protagonists" but here that wasn't the case... totally makes use of VNs' multiple endings... very dynamic.

If I have to pick one instance, though, the most memorable part wasn't a battle, however much the suspense there almost killed me--I barely have enough time to save--the most memorable part was with Emelie. I knew it was coming, but the delay didn't calm me down at all! That CG's going to be burned into my mind's eye for a week!

3. I don't think I have suggestions.... Honestly, the last VN I've liked this much and proud for liking was four years ago. Would recommend this to someone if I get the chance.

4. Yeah, the future chapters. :p But seriously, just do your thing. The only thing I'd be left unsatisfied with not seeing in future chapters is Mari.

5. It would be nice if the MC and Aldritch could have matching clothes often, at least in terms of colors, maybe? I'm not sure if the MC found some for him in Emelie's mansion since I haven't had more than one playthrough yet, but I'd really like them matching. Aldritch could even joke about it as a way to show off their bond as partners and the MC would roll her eyes.

6. I've just realized that I don't get to shape the MC's personality much if not at all... which is actually fine. I feel that the restraints and autonomy with the game are working.

Natalia- From my playthrough, I really liked her. She intimidated me during the first battle and at the tents after, but I began appreciating her when they talked, and began liking her more after that. Based on my playthrough, I haven't seen the side of her who thinks that "humans who aren't bonded are a useless drain on society" as is on her profile, but I don't think I can change my opinion of her at this point. She loves being a harlequin, but it's clear she cares a lot about her reaver even though his sickliness keeps her from regular battles. I'm convinced she couldn't be that bad.

Lucy- I appreciate him being fabulous. Even as an antagonist, I could not help liking his character. I don't like his being elitist but I can't completely hate him either. I enjoy seeing him.

SantanaxLucy- He's the epitome of how the harlequins complement their reavers. I don't know why, but I can't imagine LucyxSantana not being LucyxSantana! SeigfriedxNatalia is also a good match, but I feel like it's easy to match dominant characters with mild ones (Seigfried being mild, Natalia being dominant). LucyxSantana isn't as easy to pull off, as both of them feel like dominant characters.

Min- Adorable guy!!

Nice art, too.

As a loser for megane characters, please make Glasses guy more attractive somehow? I feel like it's unfair because Grumpy, Prince, and even the thief have their appeal but Glasses is just portrayed as, well, weird. Idk if it's just me, but yeah. The setting's very interesting, though. Makes me look forward to Grumpy's story.

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Great art, interesting demo. I just wasn't expecting Saleanna to freak out over the mud stain. The way you described her made me think she's a nice girl or at least used to  being dirty since she hunts rabbits. I've no  issues if Ash paled in comparison to Kalen, especially since he was muddied by the pigs, however. It's just that, other than her, her relatives', and her home's fancy appearances, there was no foreshadowing of her reaction. If you're keeping the scene, maybe add something like her thinking about the consequences of a dirty cloak--maybe humans paying less attention to her so she'll be less able to seduce them, or the dangers of not having a cloak ready in case she needs to escape outside (e.g. while it's in the laundry)--to make her reaction more understandable. But it's really up to you, we've only seen a short demo.

I think this game got me interested in stories about time travel. As someone who mostly spends time with people the same age as me, I sure didn't expect that.

I didn't expect to like the game as a whole (or as much of a whole as it currently is), either, but I just love the overall effect the varying art styles have in my experience with the game. The art from the English and Microbiology routes feel surreal yet hyperrealistic somehow, surreal in that, even through my avatar, I can't be in the same world as Louis Pasteur, and hyperrealistic in that, since I'm 2D in the real world in the game, the dreams being in 3D feels similar to having a very vivid dream. 

I usually have a bias when it comes to art style and at first I wasn't sure if I'd be able to finish a game combining different styles from FOUR artists with the character sprites alone, but I think it actually worked. I feel as if the different styles gave atmosphere to each route the way decors and lighting and stuff affect the feel of a room.

Sorry for fangirling right now, I was looking around Itch bored but now I'm just mind-blown. (SorRy as in Sorta, but not Really. So, sorry not sorry.) From here on, I might start making less sense.

Music choice was pretty good. I just hope you polish it in some areas where the change is abrupt. (Played version 1.1 and I noticed it somewhere in the Microbiology route and in End 2 of the Photography route.) But yeah, it helped set the atmosphere/tone/mood, idk my literature terms anymore, you know what I mean.

Other stuff I liked: Attic-like room, magic realism, LOWKEY MAGICAL CAT?!- I don't know if it's because I'm not that deep into magic realism and time travel genres, but small cozy rooms are just the best for the lowkey fantastical for me. The cat's perfect. I think if you change it to any other animal, I'd be heartbroken because ...what other creature is more aloof but needs taking care of, more mysterious but whose mysteriousness we take for granted more than a cat? Name's perfect, too.

Now I might be getting ahead of myself calling it magic realism but I guess that's how I'd describe it. It could just be lucid dreaming, but that kinda takes away the charm of the MC's dreams.

After three days of playing, I've reached five endings (forever alone end, Sinclair cliffhanger, Damien cliffhanger, random photography guy confession, English route cliffhanger, passed everything and meeting Vivi's sister end). They were all interesting in their own way, so I hope I could hear more from these characters. 

Cool game~

Hi. I keep getting the following message. What do I do? (Also, does this qualify as a bug report?)


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/code/story_mode/story.rpy", line 1233, in <module>
TypeError: wrotenewsong() got an unexpected keyword argument 'timbre'

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "C:/WINDOWS/system32/code/story_mode/story.rpyc", line 1233, in script
  File "C:\Users\PC\Downloads\RockRobin_Beta-all\RockRobin_Beta-all\renpy\", line 806, in execute
    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,
  File "C:\Users\PC\Downloads\RockRobin_Beta-all\RockRobin_Beta-all\renpy\", line 1577, in py_exec_bytecode
    exec bytecode in globals, locals
  File "game/code/story_mode/story.rpy", line 1233, in <module>
TypeError: wrotenewsong() got an unexpected keyword argument 'timbre'


Then how did I...? @~@ Never mind, thank you for the walkthrough XD

Oh, I see. I was using mint green and some sort of light pink. Thanks, anyway!

I'm also having the same problem with a mandatory design. I'm on Neil's route and need a mid-length skirt, also with gingham pattern (chapter 4 I think). I'm wondering if there's a way we could change/"predict" which design is required. I really want to see the next chapters, thanks!