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Miguel Obando

A member registered Apr 05, 2015

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Hola sofia, este juego fue creado durante un game jam organizado por el jam fue organizado alrededor de la crisis de venezuela, te recomiendo ponerte en contacto con el por que tendra a acceso a mas informacion que la que yo un participante tiene.

i am not handling rotation, as you say i am pretending everything is a sphere, it is working so far but yet as you say this is not readable nor easy. i should not doing it that way. 


I will be showing my progress on my twitch channel, i mainly talk on spanish. Sorry the shameless spam. 


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I am trying really hard to avoid that and doing collision by hand comparing Vector distances,  but i think this wont take me far, i literally sort all boxes by distance and take the fist one,  

var boxesCandidates = boxes.Where(r =>
    if ( == return false;
    var relativeY = r.startPosition.y - _hoverBox.startPosition.y;
    return verticalAxis > 0 ? relativeY > 0 : relativeY < 0;
boxesCandidates = SortByDistances(boxesCandidates, false);
var candidate = boxesCandidates.First();

PD: Sorry for not been really helpful

Any number of anything as long everything is on same file, thanks

Thanks, I will figure out a way

I was thinking on using other classes for debugging, testing and building, this classes are only for development time, still the final result will be one single script, will be that against the rules?

I mean, we can setup the scenes and menu with unity, or this single script should work by his own without any scene setup

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As single monobehaviour class only, are nested customs classes and structs allow? As long as they are not monobehaviour right? 

El juego termina al cruzar el rio guaire