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Yea, turns out that AD ssg sound is actually from Quake 3 Arena.

I tried looking for the exact command line changes and tried porting the lines that appeared to be changed to progs.dat in the id1 folder, but because I'm not savvy it didn't work.

So, I just moved your progs.dat file along with the Quake 3 super shotgun .wav files to moddir, and boot the game with the command -moddir

Projectile-based shotguns with Quake 3 sound. It works fine with all maps that don't have their own progs.dat, including DOPA. 

Only one problem. Can't fire the Thunderbolt

Console displays this error log
no precache: progs/laser.mdl

I'm guessing Godscythe doesn't have that weapon, because upon booting Godscythe and using impulse 9 to test it, I get the same crash. Thought I'd report this just in case it's a bug. For the record I'm using Winquake Mark V.

I'm determined to get this to work because I like your version of projectile shotguns better than the ones in Arcane Dimensions.  Your version has visible nails and ricochet sounds. 

There are many maps which don't use their own progs and the projectile shotguns bring a whole new dimension to the gameplay. 

Btw, very much looking forward to your next project!

Hello, nice work and glad to see Quake is playable in Germany now! I very much like your projectile-based shotgun mod.

I ran your maps using Qbism Super 8 and have no errors to report. 

I ran GS along with a simple mod to replace the super shotgun sound, with the sick bassy ssg sound from Arcane Dimensions.

I have been trying to figure out how you made the shotguns fire projectiles, so I can make a standalone super shotgun replacer mod, using your projectiles and the sound from AD.