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Very fun! It took a bit of time to get the other endings, but it was worth it. My only problem was what quackoquack has already mentioned. 

All in all, very good!

Very good! and very sad. But I enjoyed it. I was a little confused as to how to play in the beginning, but I got the hang of it.

Thank you very much! I hope I can expand on this game.

Thank you very much! I want my writing to be engaging, and I try hard for that, even when I'm rushing.

I definitely will. Thank you!

That's another thing I didn't know. I guess I should actually read the Ink manual.

I really loved your game! I replayed it around ~10 times, so the replayability value for me is excellent. I kept on wanting to see if there was a good end and a bad end for each stat. 


First: I died hungry and alone, even though I used my physical might to "escape" the alchemist. That was a bummer. Second: I died of old age, happy, after sparing the mice who fell in love with each other. The Baron mice were frikken adorable. I liked the fact that it was actually possible to escape the alchemist's place. Third: I died of poisoning, after using my charm to convince the alchemist to spare me. There were a lot of spelling mistakes, so I guessed this must have been where you were rushing. No biggie, though. Also, that alchemist has problems. Four: I used magic to battle the alchemist and died with her. I actually laughed aloud, it was kind of unexpected.

I won't bore you with the contents of the other runs, either because they were the same or unfruitful. What I gathered is that someone close to the alchemist (wife?) died and that sacrificing a (consenting?) living being  is the key to bring her back. I found it interesting that the only way I found to escape successfully involved sparing the mice. Only with the help of others did we escape. 

I would have liked to see if the potion succeeded in the bad ends, where we died! But other than that, an excellent game. The graphics were wonderful, and all-in-all, top marks.

Thanks for the compliment and tip! I was under the impression that there had to be brackets; I guess not!


It was the first ending I got, and I loved your game very much. It's short and sweet, enough that I tried every possible combo I could think of. The theme you have for the game is very evocative of RPGs, and it adds a great deal. Also, I'm happy there was a happy ending. 

Overall, I really liked your game!

Yeah, I wanted to illustrate the Plant People, but I suck at drawing and I had to cut my losses. I'm happy I put out something at all. Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks so much! I couldn't utilize the time on Friday or Monday because I had to work, and I spent Saturday and half of Sunday working out the backstory and thinking of puzzles and then I realized I was in danger. So the final product is a little choppy.

I'm glad you like my descriptions, I hoped they would make the player feel some emotions!

Thank you for your feedback!

*Insert Tom Cruise joke here*

I really liked it! I got the best ending (I think) on my first full try, then irritated Dr. Laine as much as I could. 

Your story telling style is excellent, and the story you painted was awesome. 

I liked it! It took a few tries and a few sheets of paper before I could win, but it was very entertaining. It reminded me of the old BBC war games like Battlefield Academy. 

Some notes: during my first playthrough, I did not realize fighters=planes and was under the impression that they were infantry. Something that would have been cool is a glossary, so that players could read about the kinds of weapons used (like fighter planes). 

Overall, I liked the game very much.

Yeah, I ran clean out of time at the end. Thanks for your feedback!

That was funny. I enjoyed seeing how many terrible things I could do to the protagonist, and how many weird things would happen. I feel as if I missed a few references (yellow submarine) though.

Do we have to wait until the game jam begins to start planning, or can we start planning now? 


You know, I was wondering about that! Hopefully the issue gets resolved! 

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You're welcome! I always try to leave good comments on game I truly like. And I have screenshots of the green boxes, but not of the flashing text. When I play through the demo again (because I totally will) I'll try to capture that. I can give you the screenshots I have when I come back from work. 

I played this game on my 2014-bought desktop. :P It runs windows 8. I had many other things open at the time (Chrome, various programs, etc) so it's possible they conflicted. Or maybe the game works best when other programs are closed. 

Edit: Some screenshots. 

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Looks cool :) I'll have to check it out later!


Finished! I think I've seen everything there is so far, I might be wrong. But what I did see is excellent so far!

First, some bugs...

Is the test supposed to flash "garbage" before it shows up? Because when I move on to the next bit of text, green lines or writing or pictures flash in the text box before the text appears. If it's intentional, I have no problems with it. Sometimes the character busts got discolored. I took a few screenshots of what I mean, and I could put them up if you want. But basically there's a few green blocks of shading on the characters' faces. Other than the game lagging momentarily here and there, there's no other bugs. 

Now! The puzzles are good. The underwater one was my favorite I like to call this kind of puzzle "the laguna race puzzle". These are my favorite kind! For the locker puzzle, that was good too! I'd not seen something like that before, it was fun to figure out. It would be very cool if there was like a Logic segment where Leroy figures out the truth of Lillith, Isaac and Izzy, liar-truthteller style.

The areas of each person looked good aesthetically. Pity there wasn't flavor text, to examine your surroundings! Though it would be bad to dilly dally in the school. The Rage Cage was fun, I actually liked that part the best. I really took a shine after the bar scene. 

First I tried to clear Quentin's part without exploring, and I failed the Depth Knell (if I remember correctly its name) again and again and again. Until finally, at the comments I realized I could explore other areas, and got Primadonna's cards! And I beat the Depth Knell after losing only one more time :p. The fight was difficult but fun, and not rage-inducing like when I so foolishly tried to fight with only Quentin's and Leroy's cards. 

I would say all of the characters had traits I recognized but were not irritating. Lillith and Isaac were cold, but it was well-done, and believable. I like them a lot, Lillith especially! Her way of death, though...harsh. What a way to go. Quentin was shy, but not obnoxious. And Primadonna was fiery but not condescending.  

At first, I thought the White Marks would be ones who committed suicide, but nope :p. I am eagerly awaiting to see how Leroy will get them and everyone out!

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Of course! I try to comment on games that I like, and I put extra effort in if the dev is like you :p I'm glad you liked it.

Mmmhmm. There was some strong nostalgia going on with this game, from the moment i opened it up. I don't know nostalgia what for, but it was nice.

I got a sinister-ish (in a good way) vibe from Ava. She knows our name and knows a lot about the mystery? Hell yes! Twin Peaks here we come! (I thought of TP for some reason, maybe because Ava reminds me of Kyle MacLahan-someone whom "you trust enough to go into a strange world with." I guess!)

If you included some of James' daily routine as a pre-med I would be enthralled. Would make me like him even more in fact. (He seems like the kind of person who would enjoy have his hair messed with, tbh :p)

But really, take your time please! Don't hurt yourself trying to meet a deadline. I would be happy to wait.

Well, I've finally finished the demo! 

First, about the GUI and overall look-the gray textured patterns and rainbow colored highlights took me right back to the old Windows 95 that had textures and rainbows that looked just like that! I don't know whether that GUI will be kept or not, but it was rather neat.

The sprite art was quite pastelly. I like pastel things, so it goes hand in hand with the rainbow tones. The CGs were well done too, and a pleasure to look at! The one of us shaking hands jerked a laugh from me. The one of the blue sky with the moon (or a very pale sun?) is very pleasant to look at indeed. I can pick out the brushstrokes. I think. :D

I would say James is still my favorite, haha.  And Ava! For Devlin, I never got the "stern" or "elegant" or "businessman" vibe from him, just "quiet" and "mysterious". I think the white hair throws me off. And his eyes just give off the impression of quietness. It's not a bad thing by any means, though! I actually got his friend route the first time around I played the game, heh. I was just kinda worried about him.  

Last, I really loved the middle ground options. In the beginning, when deciding whether to side with Toby or James, you could decide to just go back to the student fair. I thought that was nice. It's something I would probably do when I was in that position, and I know some games wouldn't have that option.

Anyway, I look forward to the full game!

You're welcome :) Maybe it is because the horse lady is so easy to understand. Her first action is hitting, and second is drinking tea to hop her up, so she does real damage. Easy to put together XD

But for everyone else, you have to link their actions all together-like frog's trumpet charges the sorcerer's bubbles, and robot breaks the sorcerer's bubbles. But horse lady stands on her own. Sorta!

An excellent game!

The animations were all very fluid and lovely. I enjoyed trying to solve the puzzle, and though I was sorely tempted to just look up how to solve it, I'm glad I didn't. I actually thought it through, and got the ending where the frog fella lives! I won't get the other one, tho, I don't want him to die! I especially like the warrior lady and her tea. 

I would love to play a full game with similar mechanics to these! 

I see, I see! Thank you.

People really like that @FermiPasteladox bot, huh? Anyway, from the moment I heard the electronic music noise, I knew I'd like it. And I did-it was very neat! I almost wish this was a demo, and you were planning on expanding on the idea, haha!

Anyway, good job!

Awww. Emma waited when we were late. Nice game!

Very nice! It really is like reading a pastel (at times) storybook. I would say it got hard to see in the last few pages-the red and black blended together. But it was an excellent story well executed. Now I wonder whether the hawk died or not. :P

Nice! Saturn, the red blood cells (I think?) and the molecule thingy are very well drawn! Good job! the fact that whether you ascend or descend you still end up at the beginning supposed to mean something deep...? :P

Dang. I died not 3 squares in XD Awesome design and execuation! It goes to show you how powerful Bitsy can really be!


Hahaha, but seriously tho, that was pretty awesome. The story you've got going here is top-notch. I'm thrilled to see there are more episodes, so I can find out what happens next! 

More specifically, I love the lore,  I was always excited to learn more about the demons and the Vestigials. The pacing was great; I never felt bored, or that I wanted to skip forward. 

The characters were nice, too! Mike was cute (tho she'd bop me on the head if I told her that) and I really wanna know what Gerald's deal is. I feel sorry that all the memories were wiped out, though :( At least they live happily ever after! The writing was great, very fun to read! I loved the dialogue.

I see you've been improving with the art too; I see you have older and newer games, and I can see the progress. But I'm not one to drag a rock, so it didn't bother me much. 

All in all, an excellent game! Good work!

This is one very, very cute game. The Light Bearer is suuuper cute. I look forward to seeing the full version!

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Hahaha, you're welcome. I've not played your demo yet, but I'll give feedback as soon as I can!  (also that was some pretty fast response time, wow)

EDIT: And I must say the fact that James is pre-med turned my head and caught my attention within a matter of seconds. 

How are you feeling :p

Quite nice so far. The storyline is pretty neat, even though I had trouble understanding what exactly the problem with the Garden of Eden was (why was letting humans in bad? that I couldn't wrap my head around) 

The main attraction was the art, which was gorgeous. The flat coloring of the characters makes for a neat look. Reminds me of cel-shaded art for some reason. The blinking animations were pretty cool, and the expressions cool as well. I hope to see different kinds of gods, like Sam (the cat one) which aren't entirely human. I think that would be nice to see, given the art style. 

I'm glad you liked it, and thank you for telling me about the pace especially. I struggle with that a bit. Thank you for playing! 

Wow, that's short! I mean I had expected short, but that was really short! Kinda of like being promised with a nice eclair but only getting to take a nibble :p 

First, the art is very very good. I like it very much, everything is pleasing to look at and the monsters are all very varied.

I'm eagerly awaiting the full release!

Also I like the mermAIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDD (he's so pretty)

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I liked the concept a good deal; I have never heard of this hobo hieroglyphics deal, and the fact that this was based on reality was very alluring. It's a pity the game wasn't bigger! It was very fun to go around and pick up the symbols :P

Good work!